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DTEND:20120820T090000Z DTSTART:20120820T080000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20120808T204700Z SUMMARY:Photo Contest Voting Deadline URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:243a7d1060a9d7b854d376e50f7c9618 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:The Conference Registration Early Bird Deadline has been extend ed to Friday\, August 24\, 2012.  Don't miss out on the $100 savings when you register ( ioYOsNj7EI5gdmEN7nve8I8YaMt8v6eapuw0VhURlemxprQTIBBG2ZK1EhrkcWCH58b28ugJlx ko_LO4VQZYhtB-ZOgYbj02t_itfpbUYZybOtz7eZSb9OhqOh9EEgIF2vgmFqs3CfbTJRc1YA8x b2R-bJIi9hcuAM-OC5BtDEiBQCLYgVVpbpCDDCf8RcamTUYhWjFc9ZpGji6S1d_jtMnHd3ZDRw jteVl4CXYQ9cov6_3oB9GKJQWkW99klgFK2LYhUxhIlFcFLALpiHJ-UW7AGyIQk2gYtrg7O5Hj 86EdrCsKKY0rcrLphn84qNL2-AMKhOx9dnHqY6qaSDeMegJZj-iItm1HWxO0FrYLktBBGHo0I5 UnogvKFquVs3l_Wbza-1xgsVWaiHG4VP6g13nQrHnxLlGPFyNTPvkDQiHmpThgMktfZBeiXDx8 dnuI42uVZ3YM8DZaSzsa0vUqNZBkziQSalIvUJtPMvRmO0ndPAKw1VoUKGGTIo74snye5gWflj wU5ZYV1GM=) for the ARN 38th Annual Educational Conference before Friday .\n DTEND:20120824T090000Z DTSTART:20120824T080000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20120822T185600Z SUMMARY:NEW Early Bird Deadline END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:559632998d41c8747d0c9e58915b5434 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Join your colleagues in Nashville\, TN\, for the premire event for rehabilitation nurses. DTEND:20121006T080000Z DTSTART:20121003T080000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20120808T205200Z SUMMARY:38th Annual Education Conference URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:3fa0fd297e65532d306169cca3fd90b3 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:The ARN Offices will be closed on the following days:\nDecember 25\, 2012December 31\, 2012January 1\, 2013\n \n  DTEND:20121225T235900Z DTSTART:20121225T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20121210T160700Z SUMMARY:Holiday Hours END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:822b8aabc15a303d97e570957a2c5a04 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:\nChapter 1099 Miscellaneous Worksheets and W9’s are due on J anuary 15\, 2013.\n DTEND:20130115T235900Z DTSTART:20130115T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20121126T195400Z SUMMARY:Chapter 1099 Miscellaneous Worksheets and W9's END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:d8ff799dd7f04bcb3717690d23aa970e DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Chapter Annual reports are due on February 28\, 2013. DTEND:20130228T235900Z DTSTART:20130228T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20121126T195500Z SUMMARY:Chapter Annual Reports END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:d79fd9819557cf0f00f8f2689988b65f DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:RNF Research Grant Applications are due March 1\, 2013. DTEND:20130301T235900Z DTSTART:20130301T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20121126T195600Z SUMMARY:RNF Grant Application Deadline END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:c81dd1b51603a76d09b9d6ae7c852312 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Improving Care\, Improving Outcomes: Intergrating Quality Impro vement in Rehabilitation Nursing.\nRegister (membership/content/ARN-Webcas t.html) DTEND:20130403T235900Z DTSTART:20130403T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20130222T165700Z SUMMARY:Spring Webcast END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:a676d4215634a90d61d8900507ee7e7b DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Make Your Voice Heard! Vote in the 2013 Board of Directors elec tion. Election Open June 1-July1\, 2013 DTEND:20130701T090000Z DTSTART:20130601T080000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20130516T154200Z SUMMARY:2013 Board of Directors Election END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:a95dc0f3cfef56ee27e3ef682ce93d39 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Chapter Board contact information is due July 1\, 2013. DTEND:20130701T235900Z DTSTART:20130701T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20130305T173000Z SUMMARY:Chapter Board contact information due END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:37c09ce53d52e1863b4604709e26163c DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:2nd Annual "\;Day in the Life"\; Photo and Caption Cont est submission deadline. DTEND:20130801T235900Z DTSTART:20130801T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20130716T193000Z SUMMARY:Photo Contest Deadline END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:316438d8afc313b07f5cb0532aa73dc5 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Register by August 28 and save $125! (Register with a colleage and save even more.) DTEND:20130828T235900Z DTSTART:20130828T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20130516T153500Z SUMMARY:Early Bird Deadline END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:6d1d91a83175cc9469c21b014505d100 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Learn "\;Best Practices for Improving Care Transitions and Reducing Readmissions."\; 2-3:15 pm EDT.\nDetails. (index.php?option=c om_content&\;view=article&\;id=509:arn-webcast&\;catid=22:content &\;Itemid=1777) DTEND:20130910T151500Z DTSTART:20130910T140000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20130809T145600Z SUMMARY:Webcast END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:f0a89cb58af38362e7ca138ed1bb9af4 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Demostrate your care and commitment to caring for individuals w ith physical disability or chronic illness by taking the CRRN examiantion (index.php?option=com_content&\;view=article&\;id=842:applications&a mp\;catid=4:content&\;Itemid=1986). DTEND:20131015T235900Z DTSTART:20131015T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20130716T195100Z SUMMARY:CRRN Examination Application Deadline END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:cfc4d0f4c0bd3f5fa9ca594b136f9183 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Domestic Terrorism: Blast Injury Care in a New Era of Casualti es.\n2:00-3:15 pm EST DTEND:20131120T150000Z DTSTART:20131120T140000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20130926T212200Z SUMMARY:Fall Webcast END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:e4d16b55e9bd1635b79e50eae7e2f4e3 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:The Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) provides nurses with the opportunity to learn how to influence health care through legislative and regulatory processes. NIWI 2014 will be held March 30-April 1.\nThe a pplication deadline is January 13\, 2014. DTEND:20140113T235900Z DTSTART:20140113T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20130926T212000Z SUMMARY:NIWI Scholarship Application Deadline END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:4cf36b3511f9d800a91875e8131bd6bc DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:The Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation (RNF) is a tax-exempt fou ndation established in 1976 by the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (A RN). RNF has six grants available totaling over $34\,500.\nThe Rehabilita tion Nursing Foundation offers $30\,000 in the form of multiple grants for research and EBP projects that address the clinical practice\, educationa l or administrative dimensions of rehabilitation nursing.  The New Invest igator Research Award grants up to $10\,000 for nurses who are novice rese archers. Two EBP Project Grants (New Investigator awards up to $1500 and Fellow awards up to $2500) are to promote the translation of research int o practice.  Up to two Research Fellow Grants to support experienced rese archers will be awarded from the remaining funds.\nRNF also cosponsors two grants. The Sigma Theta Tau International grant offers $4\,500 for one nu rsing research project related to rehabilitation nursing. The principal in vestigator for this grant must have a master's degree in nursing. RNF also sponsors a grant through the American Nurses Foundation in the amount of $5000. Complete details are available at rsingResearchGrant.aspx ( archGrant.aspx).\nFor more information\, visit bout/content/Rehab-Nursing-Foundation.html (about/content/Rehab-Nursing-Fo undation.html). DTEND:20140301T235900Z DTSTART:20140301T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20140219T215300Z SUMMARY:RNF Grant Application Deadline URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:203fe96fa79cf3bd077e9df9f55b0e9b DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Leadership and professionalism are core values identified in th e ARN strategic plan that is used to guide the future direction of the ass ociation. ARN strives to provide visionary leadership that reflects the di verse interests and needs of its members. In order to realize this vision\ , dynamic leaders are needed to serve on the board of directors and nomina ting committee.\nNominations are now open for the following positions.\n\n President-elect (1 year followed by 1 year as President)\nTwo Directors (3 year term)\nNominating and Leadership Development Committee (3 year term) \n\nTo obtain a candidate application\, contact Alice Taylor at ataylor@co ( or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view itcall 800.229.7530. Applications must be received by March 3\, 2014.\nAny ARN vo ting member in good standing is eligible to run for office. The Nominating and Leadership Development Committee will place no more than two of the b est-qualified candidates on the ballot for each open position.\nFor more i nformation\, visit ons.html (about/content/CallForNominations.html). DTEND:20140303T235900Z DTSTART:20140303T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20140219T214600Z SUMMARY:ARN Board of Directors Nominations Deadline URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:2f93d0641980c50e37c5325a7a042ea5 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:What Engages Rehabilitation Nurses:  Creating a Satisfying Wor k-Life Balanceonline ( o r by calling 800.229.7530\nIn a recent poll of ARN members\, two thirds re ported having issues with work-life balance and staff nurse engagement. Th is webinar will explore some of the myths and realities behind this issue and provide practical strategies and approaches to increase engagement and establish a better balance. Nurse engagement has been shown to have a dir ect impact on quality outcomes\, and evidence from the literature related to nurse engagement will be analyzed from the perspectives of individual e ngagement\, work-group engagement\, magnet principles\, and empowerment.  The variables that can predict nursing engagement\, both from the individ ual nurse and work-group perspectives\, will be presented\, as well as str ategies for creating an optimum work-life balance.\nLearning Objectives:\n \nDifferentiate myths from reality related to job stress and job satisfact ion\nIdentify the source of stress and frustration for the staff nurse wit hin the work environment\nEvaluate the staff nurse role in terms of empowe rment\, engagement\, and leadership\nAnalyze strategies for increasing sta ff nurse engagement\n\nFor more information\, visit http://www.rehabnurse. org/membership/content/ARN-Webcast.html (membership/content/ ml). DTEND:20140312T151500Z DTSTART:20140312T140000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20140219T215000Z SUMMARY:ARN March Webinar URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:e76b4536ebb8a84a474be32a4002d45f DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Happy Certified Nurses Day to all of our CRRNs! DTEND:20140319T235900Z DTSTART:20140319T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20140305T161600Z SUMMARY:Certified Nurses Day END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:f23b696475e57aa6204a76f828277edb DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:For the past several months\, a team of rehabilitation nursing experts has been creating a comprehensive competency model for rehabilitat ion nursing. Identified as a critical need in ARN’s Strategic Plan\, the model serves to identify the core competencies critical to the profession al role of a rehabilitation nurse. While the skilled application of specif ic nursing interventions is always important\, the model also seeks to def ine the higher-order characteristics of a professional rehabilitation nurs e as a leader\, educator\, promoter of successful living\, and interprofes sional team member.\nThe draft model is now ready for member review and co mment. ARN wants your feedback! The member review and comment period will end on Friday\, March 21\, 2014.\nClick here (uploads/files/compmodelpubli creview/arn%20rehab%20nursing%20competency%20model%20draft%202-26-14.pdf) to download the draft model.\nPlease submit your comments to arncompmodel@ ( (mailto:arncompmodel@ DTEND:20140321T235900Z DTSTART:20140321T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20140312T134200Z SUMMARY:Competency Model Feedback Deadline URL: -review.html/ END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:401d37399bb904e609b8f12122b16048 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Your participation is vital to the success of ARN's annual conf erence. Share your expertise with your ARN colleagues by presenting a pape r\, poster\, or case study at the upcoming 2014 ARN Annual Educational Con ference in Anaheim\, CA.\nSubmissions will be accepted until April 2\, 201 4 at 11:59pm CST. Click here (education/2014Conf/index.html) for more info rmation on how to submit an abstract. DTEND:20140404T235900Z DTSTART:20140404T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20140402T204500Z SUMMARY:Call for ARN Conference Abstracts Deadline URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:b04f376ff8fe09dd2fd69ff693542200 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:CRRN examination application (index.php?option=com_content&\ ;view=article&\;id=842:applications&\;catid=4:content&\;Itemid=19 86) deadline\nDemostrate your caring and commitment to rehabilitation nurs ing practice. DTEND:20140415T235900Z DTSTART:20140415T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20130716T195000Z SUMMARY:CRRN Examination Application Deadline URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:d5aa43857356fc9f8560ddb2e60a893f DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Rehabilitation Nursing offers a variety of publication formats ranging from Clinical Consultations\, Current Issues\, and Feature Articl es. Also\, consider submitting to our Writer's Award Contest (May 1\, 2014 deadline). All Writers' Award submissions will receive a $25 credit for A RN products and the winner will receive a complimentary registration (wort h approximately $480.00) for the 2014 fall ARN conference and will be publ ished in the journal.Author guidelines for all submissions can be obtained at ( rnj). Under resources\, click instructions\, forms\, etc. All manuscripts are welcome\, but topics of particular interest include:\n\nBest practices associated with fall prevention\nSafety- Patient and/or staff\nTranslatin g evidence into practice\nCare transitions- How to optimize this process\n Promoting skin health\nRehabilitation leadership in action\nTargeting care for different ages and conditions\nCare considerations of veterans and th eir families\nFacilitating long-term care management\nHealth policy\, advo cacy\, effective educational programs\nHolistic and alternative care appro aches\n\nIf you have questions or need help refining your ideas\, contact the Editor\, Elaine T. Miller\, PhD RN CRRN FAAN\, at Elaine.Miller@uc.ed u ( or Gail Pannozzo atgpannozzo@connect2amc. com (\nNow is the time for you to share your knowledge and expertise with your colleagues!\nhttp://onlinelibrary.w DTEND:20140501T235900Z DTSTART:20140501T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20140321T181400Z SUMMARY:Writers' Award Contest Deadline URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:acb211ec68e990f789ec60079c80e66c DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:In honor of our 40th anniversary\, The Mary Ann Mikulic Scholar ship (index.php?option=com_content&\;view=article&\;id=187:allschol ar&\;catid=3:content&\;Itemid=823)will fund the conference registra tion fee for a first-time conference attendee. DTEND:20140601T235900Z DTSTART:20140601T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20131125T164900Z SUMMARY:The Mary Ann Mikulic Scholarship Application Deadline END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:0dc50508709f2196e4c181271257c279 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:ARN offers financial assistance in the form of a $1\,500 schola rship (index.php?option=com_content&\;view=article&\;id=187:allschol ar&\;catid=3:content&\;Itemid=823) to nurses working toward a Bachel or of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.  DTEND:20140601T235900Z DTSTART:20140601T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20131125T164900Z SUMMARY:BSN Application Deadline END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:4e44ab373fa7c112b897ec32d568aa3c DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:ARN offers financial assistance in the form of a $1\,500 schola rship (index.php?option=com_content&\;view=article&\;id=187:allschol ar&\;catid=3:content&\;Itemid=823) to nurses working toward a Master ’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) or a doctorate degree in nursing (PhD\, D NP\, or DNS/DNSc). DTEND:20140601T235900Z DTSTART:20140601T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20131125T165000Z SUMMARY:Graduate Scholarship Application Deadline END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:5d383109a60466ff8c9d01bb3d691cac DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Nominate a colleague for an ARN Role Award (index.php?option=co m_content&\;view=article&\;id=191:roleawards&\;catid=3:content&am p\;Itemid=821). DTEND:20140601T235900Z DTSTART:20140601T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20131125T164700Z SUMMARY:Role Award Deadline END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:6e8aa775d83b9731ff16a6e2e3cfd229 DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:Display your chapter's achievements by applying for a chapter a ward. (index.php?option=com_content&\;view=article&\;id=188:chaptera wards&\;catid=3:content&\;Itemid=1631) DTEND:20140601T235900Z DTSTART:20140601T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20131125T165000Z SUMMARY:Chapter Award Deadline END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:05fd0f8712811ecd851b460ad538be5a DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:It is time once again for the "\;A Day in the Life of an ARN Nurse"\; Photo and Caption contest.  Open to all ARN members\, we hope you will show us your life as a rehabilitation nurse through photos. Your photograph should represent an aspect of rehabilitation nursing. Ple ase capture those moments with colleagues and patients that demonstrate th e very important work that you do.    \n\nALL ENTRIES ARE WINNERS! Ever y photo submitted (up to three) earns one free month of extended ARN membe rship.  To submit an entry or for more information\, visit here.    \n Submissions must be made by August 15\, 2014. At that time\, ARN members w ill get an opportunity to vote for their favorite four photos. Finalists w ill be on display at the 40th ARN Annual Educational Conference in Anaheim \, CA. and will receive fabulous grand prizes including:\n \nFirst Place $100 Amazon Gift Card\nSecond Place One year ARN Membership\nThird Place $ 50 ARN Bookstore gift certificate\nFourth Place $25 Starbucks Gift Card\n \n *Only one grand prize per winner. DTEND:20140815T235900Z DTSTART:20140815T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20140404T161100Z SUMMARY:Day in the Life of an ARN Nurse Photo Contest Deadline URL: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:096528de60609a0f70a25f1445ecf61a DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:There are many specialties that offer credentials and certifica tions that may apply to aspects of rehabilitation nursing practice. Howeve r\, only one certification applies to them all.  Nurses who achieve the C ertified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse credential demonstrate knowledge\ , experience and commitment to excellence in comprehensive care for people with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses in all specialties and s ettings of rehabilitation.  The CRRN credential has been a widely accepte d and trusted nursing certification for more than 25 years.\nFor more info rmation\, visit ligibility.html (certification/content/Exam-and-Eligibility.html). DTEND:20141015T235900Z DTSTART:20141015T000000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20140219T215700Z SUMMARY:CRRN Examination Application Deadline URL: ml/ END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:7038c41c8dad0bec0c60b291e297cb0d DTSTAMP:20140420T234214Z DESCRIPTION:\n40th Annual Educational Conference\, Anaheim\, CAOctober 29 - November 1\, 2014\nHappy 40th Anniversary!\nFor conference information\, visit (education/ 2014Conf/index.html). DTEND:20141101T080000Z DTSTART:20141029T080000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20140221T172000Z SUMMARY:40th Annual Educational Conference END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR