Volunteer Identification Program (V.I.P.)

Join your rehab nursing colleagues in making ARN a stronger and better association by contributing your expertise and time.


When you involve yourself in the ARN community, you will find a connection to rehabilitation healthcare professionals from across the country and a support system from those who understand your challenges.

We offer opportunities for all levels of knowledge and time commitment.

Just a few minutes

Vote in ARN elections.
Respond to Legislative Action Alerts.
Attend a SIG meeting at conference.
Join a conversation on Member Circle.
Be a conference moderator.

A bit more time

Write an article for the newsletter.
Attend a local chapter meeting.
Review conference abstracts.
Be a poster judge.
Become a member of a task force or committee.
Apply for a NIWI scholarship.
Present a conference paper or poster.

More time to devote

Become a leader in your local chapter.
Work on the CRRN item development committee.
Become a member of the CRRN exam committee.
Be a subject matter expert for an ARN educational program or product.

Really involved

Join the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee.
Become a member of the RNCB.
Become and ARN/RNF Board Member.

Take a moment to review the Volunteer Identification Program (V.I.P.) and let us know your interests and time availability.

Visit V.I.P. to select an activity where you can volunteer your time and knowledge and contribute to the strength of ARN.