Health Policy Priorities & Issue Briefs

Health Policy Priorities

ARN’s Health Policy Committee establishes policy priorities on an annual basis. These priorities are updated as needed to reflect emerging issues.

ARN 114th Congress Legislative Scorecard A list of bills that ARN supports and the members of Congresss during the 114th Congress that have signed on as cosponsors. Legislative scoredcards are one way ARN members can hold their representatives and senators accountable for decisions made in the legislative process. Such scorecards can help indicate the support for rehabilitation nurses among members of Congress.

ARN 2016 Health Policy and Legislative Agenda The ARN Health Policy Committee drafts and the Board of Directors approve the Health Policy Agenda, which prioritizes five to six key issues that ARN will focus on during the legislative session.

Legislative Tracking Chart View the latest developments in legislation impacting ARN. Bills are monitored and tracked on a daily basis and the chart is updated on a weekly basis.

Budget and Appropriations Primer

An easy way to understand how legislation and programs are funded.

FY 2017 LHHS Funding Chart A chart that specifically outlines funding levels for nursing programs. This is updated throughout the appropriations process so that you are aware of increases and cuts to programs pertinent to ARN.

Issue Briefs

An issue brief (sometimes referred to as a one-pager) is a short, written document that states the issue for consideration, indicates a recommendation for action, provides supporting information relevant to the issue, and lists references for the supporting information and other resources as necessary.