NIWI Scholarship

NIWI is an opportunity for nurses to learn the skills needed to be effective advocates for themselves and their patients. NIWI is open to any RN or nursing student (all levels of education) that is interested in an orientation to the legislative process. The lessons learned at NIWI are applicable at not just the federal level; the knowledge gained translates to local advocacy, as well. There is not an application or niwiacceptance process to attend NIWI.  Learn more at the NIWI website.

Each year ARN grants scholarships for individuals to attend NIWI. Visit ARN NIWI scholarship for more information!

“I think that most attendees left Washington D.C. feeling energized and empowered, knowing how to make their voices heard!”-Beth Demakos, BSN, RN, 2013 NIWI Scholarship Winner

“Moving forward in my career I will be able to collaborate with nurses nationwide. Exploring Washington D.C. and being an advocate for myself, my patients, and my colleagues was an empowering experience. What we do, who we are, and who we care for is important to the members of Congress. We, as nurses, need to continue to educate our Congressmen on what is important to us and what they can do to advocate for nursing.”-Angela Thompson, BSN, RN, CRRN, 2012 NIWI Scholarship Winner