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Products & Information

A. Micro-Stim T.E.N.S. Pain Relief Unit

The Micro-Stim T.E.N.S. unit provides patient-controlled pain relief by using a subtle current to build upon naturally occurring impulses. The dual- channel device features two pairs of electrodes with separate amplitude controls that allow for independent or simultaneous use. The unit features microampere frequency selections of 05.Hz, 8Hz, and 80Hz that are subsensory, so a patient cannot feel the current. The unit provides precise control of impulses through adjustable contraction and relaxation time, as well as adjustable ramp speed. Each Micro-Stim unit comes with an easy-to-follow operations manual, lead wires, battery, case and Silver-Stim™ electrodes.

For more information, a catalog, and electrode samples, please call 800/456-1971, or visit www.medsciencepro.com

B. Swede-O Plantar FXT™

Plantar FXT™ is a new addition to Swede-O’s Thermoskin line. The Plantar FXT™ is designed for the relief of pain associated with plantar fasciitis, and is a more comfortable alternative to a night splint. The Planta FXT™ carefully stretches the plantar fascia muscle in the bottom of the foot so that it can heal. It can be worn both at night and while seated during the day. It has been clinically proven to increase the subcutaneous skin temperature 2–3˚ F because of its patented Trioxon® lining. The lining also lifts moisture away from the skin and traps air to help prevent excessive perspiration, which is especially helpful for long-term users.

For more information, please call 800/525-9339, or send an e-mail to info@swedeo.com

C. Heelift® Traction Boot

The Heelift® traction boot applies skin traction to help stabilize femur fractures prior to surgery. During the presurgical period, when the patient lacks the ability to control the leg, the boot elevates the leg and offers footdrop and rotational control. It provides up to 10 pounds straight skin traction for fracture pain relief. When applied to the patient, the boot helps prevent heel and lateral malleolar ulcers as well as averting peroneal nerve pressure injury at the fibular head. The product also offers forefoot support to avoid heel cord contracture. The tricot backing provides the full traction benefit with no boot-bed friction. For postoperative use, removing the traction straps, bar, and rope converts the product to an original Heelift® suspension boot for heal pressure prevention.

For more information, please contact DM Systems, Inc. at 800/254-5438, or visit www.dmsystems.com

D. Viking Patient Lifts

Liko, Inc. offers its Viking XL mobile bariatric patient lifts, which are designed to handle a wide variety of heavy-duty lifting assignments. Constructed of high-strength, aeronautical-grade aluminum alloy weighing 95 pounds, the Viking XL lift is capable of lifting more than 650 pounds. Its lightweight construction makes the lift easier for nurses and caregivers to move and maneuver without sacrificing lifting capacity. The actual lifting process is handled by a DC electric motor controlled by a remote handset. A varity of slings and accessories allow accommodation of a wide range of needs, including transferring between bed and wheelchair or to and from toilet or bathtub, lifting from the floor, weighting patients in the lift, lifting with a horizontal stretcher, and repositioning patients.

For more information, please call 888/545-6671, or visit www.liko.com

Altimate Medical has made their “Life After SCI” videos available on DVD. The “Life After SCI” videos originally were developed to help newly injured SCI patients, but they are also used by clinicians, students, and individuals with various disabilities.

The DVD includes both volume one and two of “Life After SCI.” Volume one includes footage regarding boarding planes and renting cars, as well as wheelchair sports. Volume two includes footage of transfers into vans, standing frames, exercise machines, and other useful information. Added features include interviews with men and women with SCI discussing rehab, family reaction, and adapting to life after SCI.

To receive a free copy of the DVD, please call 800/342-8968, or vist the Altimate Medical Web site, www. easystand.com

The product descriptions in this column rely on information supplied by the manufacturers and do not reflect evaluations or endorsement from the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses or this journal.