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Guest Editorial: The Essence of Rehabilitation Nursing
Kathleen A. Stevens, PhD RN CRRN Guest Editor
Rehabilitation is often referred to as post-acute care or tertiary care. Yet, we are always thinking about the days ahead, more so than the days gone by, for our patients and their families. Our role is to help patients anticipate these days and prep...

Editorial: Advancing Evidence-based Practice
Elaine Tilka Miller, DNS RN CRRN FAHA FAAN, Editor
What is the best strategy to merge evidence-based practice (EBP) with cost reduction, quality care, and successful patient outcomes? Within the literature, no single approach immediately rise...

Social Isolation: A Practical Guide for Nurses Assisting Clients with Chronic Illness (CE)
Ursula A. Holley, RN
Social isolation is a serious problem in our society, and the chronically ill are especially vulnerable. The lack of needed and wanted social contacts is a serious source of discomfort that can lead to further health problems. Many fa...

The Experience of Adolescent Women Living with Spina Bifida Part I: Self-Concept and Family Relationships
Melissa Hayden Bellin, MSW Kathleen J. Sawin, DNS CPNP FAAN Gayle Roux, PhD RN NP-C Constance F. Buran, DNS RN Timothy J. Brei, MD
Adolescent women with spina bifida (SB) face unique and diverse challenges. The purpose of this qualitative component of a larger mixed-method study on adaptation was to heighten rehabilitation nurses' understanding of self-concept ...

Problem-Solving Early Intervention: A Pilot Study of Stroke Caregivers (CE)
Rosemarie B. King, PhD RN Robert J. Hartke, PhD MPH Florence Denby, MS CRRN
Caregivers (CGs) of stroke survivors assume their role suddenly and with little preparation. Negative emotions are common, persist over time, and are related to other negative outcomes. This pilot study, guided b...

Interpreting Laboratory Values in the Rehabilitation Setting (CE)
Jane Flanagan, PhD APRN BC Karen Devereaux Melillo, PhD APRN BC FAANP Lisa Abdallah, PhD RN Ruth Remington, PhD APRN BC
Treating patients in rehabilitation settings is becoming increasingly complex for a variety of reasons, such as the presence of several comorbid conditions, increased age, and earlier discharge from acute care facilities. As a result,...

Clinical Consultation: Therapeutic Use of Assistive Technology: A Clinical Perspective
Kevan Whipple, DPT OCS CEAS
Healthcare providers involved in patient handling activities are at risk for injury. One solution to minimize this risk is the use of assistive equipment. However, concern exists that use of assistive equipment may minimize the reha...