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Editorial: Seeing the Unseen
Elaine Tilka Miller, DNS RN CRRN FAHA FAAN Editor
It is relatively easy to identify the physical limitations of our patients, but what about those unseen dimensions? As we care for our patients, how often are mental health issues missed? Internationally and in the U...

Current Issues: How Interdisciplinary Documentation Improves the Bottom Line
Carol Harper, COTA
As rehabilitation facilities continue to dissect their quarterly reports and modify internal practices to improve organizational outcomes, they continue to struggle as they implement interdisciplinary documentation that can validate the p...

Perspectives: The Voices of Rehabilitation Nursing
Louise Harmon, RN C CRRN C
Many years ago while living in a small community, I decided to shift professional gears from rehabilitation to home health nursing. My new career path provided many rich experiences, enabling me to use my rehabilitation expertise as well ...

Hope for Love: Practical Advice for Intimacy and Sex After Stroke (CE)
Donald D. Kautz, RN PhD CNRN CRRN-A
Stroke survivors are a major group of patients served by rehabilitation nurses. The lingering sequelae of a stroke may be devastating to a couple's relationship. This article provides practical advice that nurses can give to a strok...

Exercise Adherence in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: An Exploration of Motivation and Goals
Amy H. T. Davis, PhD RN
Adherence to an exercise regimen is challenging. Motivation is an important factor that can enhance exercise adherence. A key component of motivation is the setting and accomplishment of specified goals. Therefore, it is important to ...

The Experience of Adolescent Women Living with Spina Bifida Part II: Peer Relationships
Gayle Roux, PhD RN NP-C Kathleen J. Sawin, DNS CPNP FAAN Melissa Hayden Bellin, PhD MSW LCSW Constance F. Buran, DNS RN Timothy J. Brei, MD
Relationships are much more complex for those with disabilities than for those without disabilities. This study was part of a larger mixed-method investigation that explored comprehensive aspects of adaptation in adolescents with spin...

Strategies to Reduce Risk of Fall-Related Injuries in Rehabilitation Nursing (CE)
Patricia A. Quigley, PhD MPH ARNP CRRN FAAN Tatjana Bulat, MD Stephanie Hart-Hughes, PT NCS
Rehabilitation nurses are in a critical position to lead interdisciplinary team fall prevention management, including injury risk reduction. This article provides an update for rehabilitation nurses on evidence-based strategies to red...

The Acute Care for Elders Unit: Taking the Rehabilitation Model into the Hospital Setting
Luis F. Amador, MD Diana Reed, MSW LCSW Cheryl A. Lehman, PhD RN CRRN-A BC
Older Americans are living longer than ever before. Those over the age of 65 years account for almost 13% of the population and one third of all hospitalizations. Older adults are much more likely than younger adults to develop compli...

Commentary: The Acute Care for Elders Unit: Taking the Rehabilitation Model into the Hospital Setting
Janet Secrest, PhD RN, Rehabilitation Nursing Editorial Board Member
Sexuality is nursing's last frontier. Kautz has provided us the sort of detailed language that rehabilitation nurses can use to teach patients as the method to break through this f...