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Editorial: Developing a Global Perspective
Elaine Tilka Miller, DNS RN CRRN FAHA FAAN Editor
Whether you live in Australia, Thailand, Tanzania, Chile, the United Kingdom, or the United States, there will always be individuals who experience countless physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities that require some form of rehabil...

Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes in Inpatient Rehabilitation Settings (CE)
Audrey Nelson, PhD RN FAAN Gail Powell-Cope, PhD RN FAAN Polly Palacios, MSPH Stephen L. Luther, PhD Terrie Black, MBA BSN RN BC CRRN Troy Hillman, BS Beth Christiansen, BSN RN Paul Nathenson, RN CRRN MPA Jan Coleman Gross, PhD ARNP-S
In rehabilitation nursing, the patient classification systems or acuity models and nurse-staffing ratios are not supported by empirical evidence. Moreover, there are no studies published characterizing nursing hours per patient day, p...

Evidence-Based Practice in Rehabilitation Nursing (CE)
Linda L. Pierce, PhD RN CNS CRRN FAHA
How to use research is a learned skill. With this skill rehabilitation nurses can help ensure that their practice is based on the best evidence available. Evidence-based practice is a balance of using external research-based clinical ...

Increasing Stroke Patients' Success in Self-Medication Programs Using an Interdisciplinary Cognitive Rehabilitation Approach
Rehabilitation programs strive to help patients become more independent in all aspects of daily living. Therefore, management of a patient's healthcare requirements should be an integral part of the rehabilitation program, including...

Internet Education for Spinal Cord Injury Patients: Focus on Urinary Management
Barbara Brillhart, PhD RN CRRN
The goal of this project was to develop a Web site with articles that focus on urinary self-care management for those with spinal cord injuries. The investigator wrote 18 articles on topics that were selected by two review panels on...