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Editorial: Disaster Preparedness: Are You Ready?
Elaine Miller, DNS RN CRRN FAHA
Rehabilitation Nursing Editor Although viewed as a top healthcare facility in the region, this hospital ran out of bottled water, food, and medications; there was no running water; and the emergency generators started to fail. Patients on the rehabilit

Implementation of Efficacy Enhancement Nursing Interventions with Cardiac Elders
Elizabeth F. Hiltunen, MS RN CS • Patricia A. Winder, MS RN • Michelle A. Rait, MA • Elizabeth F. Buselli, PhD APRN • Diane L. Carroll, PhD RN • Sally H. Rankin, PhD RN-C FAAN
Intervention strategies based on social cognitive theory and encompassing the bio-psycho-behavioral domains are proposed to enhance self-efficacy in men and women 65 years and older recovering from myocardial infarction and coronary a...

Predictors of Disorientation Among Brain Injury and Stroke Patients During Rehabilitation
Joan P. Alverzo, PhD RN CRRN
Predictors of temporal disorientation among brain injury and stroke patients undergoing rehabilitation were explored in this descriptive study. Cognitive orientation is a construct of consciousness, and the Parallel Distributed Proces...

Taste Preference and Rating of Commercial and Natural Thickeners
Melissa Horwarth, MA CCC-SLP • Angel Ball, PhD CCC-SLP • Rebecca Smith, MEd RD
Dysphagia can negatively affect quality of life, nutritional status, and pulmonary status of individuals. The most common intervention for dysphagia is the use of thickening agents for liquids. This group study (n = 43) investigated t...

There Are a Few Things You Did Not Ask About My Pain: Writing on the Margins of a Survey Questionnaire
Catherine A. Warms, PhD RN CRRN • Helen M. Marshall, BS • Amy J. Hoffman, BS • Erica J. Tyler, BA
This qualitative study is a secondary analysis of comments written on survey questionnaires about pain mailed to community-dwelling persons with spinal cord injury (SCI) or amputation. Narrative comments were added by 54.1% of 797 res...

Current Issues: Summary of the GAO Report: Medicare—More Specific Criteria Needed to Classify Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities
Anne Deutsch, PhD CRRN • Susan Dean-Baar, PhD CRRN FAAN
Dr. Deutsch and Dr. Dean-Baar participated in the Institute of Medicine expert panel convened in July 2004. Several factors are affecting the current discussion about which individuals should...

Clinical Consultation: Major Depression in Rehabilitation Care
Anne Gunderson, GNP CRRN-A • John Tomkowiak, MD
Situation: M.J. is a 32-year-old female currently in an inpatient rehabilitation program. She was admitted 5 weeks ago S/P Motor Vehicle Accident. with a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The patient was engaged in the rehabilitation program ...