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Guest Editorial: Promoting Safe Patient Handling
Audrey Nelson, PhD RN FAAN, Guest Editor
Patient-handling tasks in rehabilitation are often performed at high risk to nursing staff. Nursing has been identified as one of the top 10 high-risk occupations in the United States since the Bureau of Labor began collecting these data ...

Using Technology to Promote Safe Patient Handling and Rehabilitation
Kathleen Rockefeller, ScD PT MPH
Technology has improved and expanded the equipment options for use in patient handling. There is substantial evidence that these activities expose healthcare professionals, including nurses and physical therapists, to risk for work-re...

Myths and Facts About Safe Patient Handling in Rehabilitation
Audrey Nelson, PhD RN FAAN Kenneth J. Harwood, PhD PT CIE Catherine A. Tracey, MS RN CRRN Kathleen L. Dunn, MS RN CRRN-A CNS
As the incidence of injuries associated with patient-handling tasks remains high in the rehabilitation community, interdisciplinary discussions on optimal methods for preventing injuries and ensuring good care continue. A national tas...

Special Approaches for Safe Handling of Disabled Children in the Netherlands
Nico E. Knibbe, MSc Hanneke J. J. Knibbe, MSc RPT John Crist
This article illustrates the manner in which care providers and lawmakers in the Netherlands are addressing safe patient handling of disabled children. Standardization of ergonomic practices for safe patient handling of children requi...

Proper Sling Selection and Application While Using Patient Lifts (CE)
Andrea Baptiste, MA OT CIE Michelle Mc Cleerey, PhD MA RN MEd Mary Matz, MSPH Celinda P. Evitt, PhD PT GCS
In response to staff shortages, an aging clinical workforce, and research on safe patient handling, manufacturers have provided an extensive array of patient-lifting technology, including ceiling, floor-based, and sit-to-stand lifts a...

Link Between Safe Patient Handling and Patient Outcomes in Long-Term Care (CE)
Audrey Nelson, PhD RN FAAN James Collins, PhD MSME Kris Siddharthan, PhD Mary Matz, MSPH Tom Waters, PhD CPE
This study examined the relationship between safe patient handling and quality of care measures. A comprehensive patient care ergonomics program included six elements. Using a retrospective observational design, 10 quality domains wer...