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Editorial: Prevention Scorecard
Elaine Tilka Miller, DNS RN CRRN FAHA FAAN Editor
Although many aspects of rehabilitation nursing are constantly changing, the prevention of health problems remains a cornerstone of our practice. Yet, despite the mounting evidence suggesting ways to specifically prevent major chronic diseases such as...

Environmental Issues in Patient Care Management: Proxemics, Personal Space, and Territoriality
Celeste McLaughlin, MS RN CNS CRRN Rhonda Olson, MS RN CRRN Mary Joe White, PhD RN
Patient privacy issues play a significant role in healthcare policy. However, concern for patient privacy may not always carry over into patient care activities. An Association of Rehabilitation Nurses chapter research committee under...

Inspiring Hope in Our Rehabilitation Patients, Their Families, and Ourselves
Donald Kautz, PhD RN CNRN CRRN-A Note. Portions of this article were excerpted from Donald Kautz's Founders Address delivered at the 2006 ARN Educational Conference.
When confronted with a devastating disability or chronic illness, rehabilitation nurses play a key role in inspiring hope for patients and their families. This article examines strategies nurses can implement in everyday practice: cre...

Preventive Skin Care Beliefs of People with Spinal Cord Injury
Rosemarie B. King, PhD RN Stacey L. Porter, MSW MS Kristen Balfanz Vertiz, MSW
Although health beliefs have been correlated with self-care adherence in other chronic conditions, little is known about skin care beliefs after spinal cord injury (SCI). The purpose of this qualitative study was to identify the skin ...

Searching the Literature for Evidence
Linda Ehrlich-Jones, PhD RN Linda O'Dwyer, MSLIS MA Kathleen Stevens, PhD RN CRRN Anne Deutsch, PhD RN CRRN
Nurses are expected to use evidence-based knowledge when planning and caring for patients and their families. For nurses who practice evidence-based care, knowing how to effectively search the literature for evidence is an important skill...

Predicting Posthospital Recovery of Physical Function Among Older Adults After Lower Extremity Surgery in a Short-Stay Skilled Nursing Facility
Jia Lee, PhD RN Patricia A. Higgins, PhD RN
This study describes the posthospital recovery of physical function among 131 older adults after lower extremity surgery in a short-stay skilled nursing facility (SNF), and identifies admission factors predicting physical function at ...

A Comparison of Stroke Risk Factors in Women With and Without Disabling Conditions
Janice L. Hinkle, PhD RN CNRN Rosalind Smith, RN Karen Revere
Many adults with disabilities reside in the United States, but whether women with and without disabling conditions differ in terms of stroke risk factors and treatment response is unknown. This descriptive study was designed to determ...