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Guest Editorial: Polytrauma: A New Frontier in Rehabilitation Nursing
Audrey L. Nelson, PhD RN FAAN
Wounded warriors from Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF) are presenting new healthcare challenges for rehabilitation nurses in the military and Veterans Health Administration. Rather than presenting with a single trauma or impairment, the...

Mechanisms of Injury in Wartime (CE)
Cheryl Lehman, PhD RN BC CRRN-A
A significant number of wounded service members are returning from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. As the U.S. government finds itself with more wounded servicemembers than its systems can handle, the wounded are beginning to us...

Developing a Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center: A Pioneer Experience in Building, Staffing, and Training
Diane MacLennan, MS RN CRRN Shawna Clausen, BSN RN CRRN Nina Pagel, MSN RN CRRN Jack D. Avery, MA CCC/SLP Barbara Sigford, MD PhD Donald MacLennan, MA CCC/SLP Rita Mahowald, MSN RN BC
The military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in patterns of injury not commonly seen in previous conflicts. Improvised explosive devices are the primary weapon, and exposure to blast is the most common mechanism of in...

Communicating Information to Families of Polytrauma Patients: A Narrative Literature Review (CE)
Greta Friedemann-Sánchez, PhD Joan M. Griffin, PhD Nancy A. Rettmann, MS Maude Rittman, PhD RN Melissa R. Partin, PhD
Family caregivers of U.S. servicemembers with polytraumatic injuries (injuries to multiple body systems) need support and information to care for their family members. Providing information to patients' families may reduce stress an...

A Telerehabilitation Model for Victims of Polytrauma
Roxanna M. Bendixen, PhD OTR/L Charles Levy, MD Barbara J. Lutz, PhD RN CRRN Kathleen R. Horn, MS OTR/L Kim Chronister, MHS OTR/L William C. Mann, PhD OTR
The Low Activities of Daily Living Monitoring Program (LAMP) at the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System is a telerehabilitation program that promotes independence for veterans experiencing difficulties with activities o...

Rehabilitation Outcomes for Veterans with Polytrauma Treated at the Tampa VA
Kris Siddharthan, PhD Steven Scott, MD Elizabeth Bass, PhD Audrey Nelson, PhD RN FAAN
Returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan who have sustained polytrauma have a combination of complex physical and mental morbidities that require extensive therapy and rehabilitation. This study examined the effect of rehabilitati...

Clinical Consultation: How Do You Intervene in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms Associated with Traumatic Injury (CE)
Carol Hawthorne Rumpler, MS APRN BC
Case Study Corporal Michael Smith, a 22-year-old Hispanic man, returned from his third tour of duty in Iraq. During his last tour, Michael lost his right leg in a roadside explosion by a suicide bomber. Two other men in his squad were killed...