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Editorial: Bridging the Generation Gap
Elaine Tilka Miller, DNS RN CRRN FAHA FAAN Editor
Have you ever interacted with either a nurse or patient from another generation and immediately recognized that there is a major disconnect? Perhaps you can remember a specific situation that did not go well with a younger nurse and older...

Sticking Together! A Creative Approach to Documenting Insulin Double Checks
Margo Hospodar, RN CRRN
Patient care and family teaching are the heart of the rehabilitation staff nurse’s role. Documentation of the various aspects of patient care and family teaching is a necessary but time-consuming process. In this article you will le...

Relationship of RN Role Responsibilities to Job Satisfaction
Paul Nathenson, MPA BSN RN CRRN Lynn Schafer, RN Jackie Anderson, CRRN
This study tested a delivery of care model that maximizes the role of the registered nurse in rehabilitation by providing care based on the scope of practice exclusive to the registered nurse and supplementing that practice with licen...

Comparing Two Methods of Rehabilitation for Risk Factor Modification After a Cardiac Event (CE)
Bernice C. Yates, PhD RN Birgit M. Heeren, MSN RN CCRN Sev M. Keller, MSN APRN Sangeeta Agrawal, MSc Julie A. Stoner, PhD Carol Ott, PhD RN
Because fewer than half of cardiac patients in the United States enroll in cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programs, there is a critical need to test alternative strategies of delivering CR services. This study tested whether ...

Revision of the Rehabilitation Nursing Research Agenda
Cynthia S. Jacelon, PhD RN CRRN-A Linda L. Pierce, PhD RN CN CRRN FAHA Richard Buhrer, MN RN CRRN-A ARNP
In 2005, the board of directors of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) directed the Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation (RNF) to evaluate and revise t...

Physical Activity Barriers and Program Preferences Among Indigent Internal Medicine Patients with Arthritis (CE)
Hammad A. Bajwa, MD Laura Q. Rogers, MD MPH
The study purpose was to determine, among indigent arthritis patients, physical activity barriers, program preference frequencies and demographic associations. A structured interview of 223 indigent, internal medicine clinic patients ...

Perceived Experience of Caring for a Wife with Stroke
Linda L. Pierce, PhD RN CNS CRRN FAHA Victoria Steiner, PhD Barbara Hicks, MSN RN CNS Judy Dawson-Weiss, MSN RN
This article presents a 55-year-old husband's perceived experience of caring for his wife with stroke, as learned from his 1 year of participation in a Web-bas...

Research Insights
Barbara Brillhart, PhD RN CRRN
From the Editor: Rehabilitation Nursing is introducing a new intermittent feature, Research Insights. The purpose is to participate in the education process of readers who are less acquainted with essential elements of the research proces...

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