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Editorial: Battling a Powerful Foe
Elaine Tilka Miller, DNS RN CRRN FAHA FAAN Editor
Although we have made great strides in combating nosocomial infections, deadly and debilitating bacteria and viruses are still powerful obstacles to our timely achievement of rehabilitation outcomes. Despite a mandate for universal precautions and the...

Hydration and Nosocomial Pneumonia: Killing Two Birds with One Stone (a Toothbrush)
James J. Farrell, MBA RN CRRN Sarah C. Petrik, MS CCC-SLP
Clear and compelling evidence exists in the literature to suggest that nosocomial pneumonia is linked to poor oral care. In nursing homes and intensive care units, practicing good oral care has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of ...

Perspectives: Facing the Challenges of Head Injury: A Nurse's Perspective Winner of the 2008 RNJ Writer's Contest
Eva Reitzel, RN CRRN
When I was first asked to speak at the 2007 ARN Annual Educational Conference, the thoughts kept running through my mind that I was neither educated enough nor qualified enough to teach the audience anything of great importance. It felt so ...

Parkinson's Disease: Barriers and Facilitators to Optimizing Function (CE)
Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff, PhD MA RN Elizabeth Galik, PhD CNRP Barbara Resnick, PhD CRNP FAAN FAANP
The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore with caregivers and people with Parkinson's disease (PD) the facilitators and barriers that they encounter in trying to optimize participation in functional activities and exercis...

Readiness to Manage Arthritis: A Pilot Study Using a Stages-of-Change Measure for Arthritis Rehabilitation (CE)
A. Barbara Arthur, MSN RN Jacek A. Kopec, MD PhD Alice V. Klinkhoff, MD FRCPC Paul M. Adam, MSW Susan L. Carr, PT Jane M. Prince, BScN RN Kelly E. Dumont, OT BSc Claudio R. Nigg, PhD
The purpose of this pilot study was to evaluate the Readiness to Manage Arthritis Questionnaire (RMAQ), a new multibehavior measure of readiness for change in arthritis management. Data were obtained from 46 patients with chronic infl...

Implementation of the Comprehensive Assessment Toolbox for Stroke in a Medical System (CE)
Nancy C. Landgraff, PhD PT Lucinda Passek, BSN CRRN G. Jay Kerns, PhD
The need for outcome assessment in stroke management is a critical part of specialized stroke unit development. The Comprehensive Assessment Toolbox for Stroke was developed for this reason. This study describes the implementation of ...

Implementing a Back-to-Rehab Day
Modestine Fain, MSN MA RN
This article discusses the process of planning and implementing an event during which former patients are invited to return to their acute inpatient rehabilitation facility to visit the treating team, provide information about their t...