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Editorial: I'm a Nurse, But Call Me Doctor!
Elaine Tilka Miller, DNS RN CRRN FAHA FAAN
Within the next few years we will have another 32 million Americans accessing our healthcare system. Who will be their healthcare providers? This is an especially big problem given the aging Baby Boomer population, the improved longevity of all Americ...

The Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation Celebrates 20+ Years of Funded Research
Linda L. Pierce, PhD CNS RN CRRN FAHA Pamala D. Larsen, PhD RN CRRN FNGNA
The history and trajectory of the Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation (RNF), the research arm of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, is presented in this article. From 1988 through 2008, 52 RNF research grants have been awarded to...

A Time Series Analysis of Falls and Injury in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Setting (CE)
Pasquale G. Frisina, PhD Rita Guellnitz, RN Joan Alverzo, PhD CRRN
The purpose of this study is to assess whether falls and injuries are influenced by a temporal pattern (defined as a pattern based on the time of day) in the inpatient acute rehabilitation unit/hospital (IRU/H) setting. A retrospectiv...

Poststroke Shoulder Pain: Inevitable or Preventable? (CE)
Sara Ivey Zeferino, OTR/L Dawn M. Aycock, MSN ANP-BC
Cerebral vascular accident or stroke is recognized as the leading cause of disability in the United States; consequently, it is important that all healthcare professionals working with this population develop competency of care to pro...

Rethinking Intervention Strategies in Stroke Family Caregiving (CE)
Barbara J. Lutz, PhD RN CRRN FAHA Mary Ellen Young, PhD
Stroke is a condition that affects both patients and family members who provide care and support. Because stroke is an unexpected traumatic event that suddenly forces family members into a caregiving role, caregivers often experience ...

Consensus-Validation Study Identifies Relevant Nursing Diagnoses, Nursing Interventions, and Health Outcomes for People with Traumatic Brain Injuries
Margaret Lunney, PhD RN Maria McGuire, MPA RN Nancy Endozo, BSN RN Dorothy McIntosh-Waddy, BS RN
A consensus-validation study used action research methods to identify relevant nursing diagnoses, nursing interventions, and patient outcomes for a population of adults with traumatic brain injury (TBI) in long-term care. In meetings ...

Psychological Resilience and Depressive Symptoms in Older Adults Diagnosed with Post-Polio Syndrome
Diana Pierini, BSN RN Alexa K. Stuifbergen, PhD RN FAAN
Depression is a serious comorbidity in people with disabilities; however, few studies have focused on depressive symptoms in older adults with post-polio syndrome (PPS). This study used a resilience conceptual framework that focused o...