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Editorial: Occupational Health and Safety for Nurses Benefits Patients, Too
Claire C. Caruso, PhD RN
This issue of Rehabilitation Nursing is devoted to worker safety and health. We greatly appreciate our authors' efforts to share their expertise for this special issue. Their articles discuss risks posed by violence, smoking, fatigue and sleep loss,...

Workplace Violence in Healthcare Settings: Risk Factors and Protective Strategies (CE)
Gordon Lee Gillespie, PhD RN PHCNS-BC Donna M. Gates, EdD RN FAAN Margaret Miller, EdD CNS RN Patricia Kunz Howard, PhD RN CEN FAEN
This article describes the risk factors and protective strategies associated with workplace violence perpetrated by patients and visitors against healthcare workers. Perpetrator risk factors for patients and visitors in healthcare set...

Introduction to Ergonomics for Healthcare Workers
Thomas R. Waters, PhD CPE
Healthcare workers who handle and move patients as part of their jobs suffer a disproportionately high number of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The majority of reported work-related MSDs are back pain cases that result...

Strategies for Nurses to Prevent Sleep-Related Injuries and Errors (CE)
Claire C. Caruso, PhD RN Edward M. Hitchcock, PhD
Rehabilitation nurses work shift schedules or long hours to provide essential patient services around the clock. These demanding hours can lead to sleep difficulties, declines in performance, and increased worker errors. This article ...

Nurses, Smoking, and Immunity: A Review (CE)
Akinori Nakata, PhD Naomi G. Swanson, PhD Claire C. Caruso, PhD RN
Nurses regularly are exposed to a variety of occupational hazards. In addition to documented occupational hazards, exposure to smoking remains a major concern. This article reviews the prevalence of smoking among nurses working in the...

Risk Factors Associated with Patient Assaults of Home Healthcare Workers
Traci Galinsky, PhD Huiling Amy Feng, MS Jessica Streit, MS W. Brightwell, BS Kellie Pierson, MS Kelley Parsons, PhD Christina Proctor, MS
This study used surveys from 677 home healthcare aides and nurses to explore factors associated with assaults by patients. Among respondents, 4.6% reported one or more patient assaults (being hit, kicked, pinched, shoved, or bitten) d...

Safe Patient Handling for Rehabilitation Professionals
Thomas R. Waters, PhD CPE Kathleen Rockefeller, PT ScD MPH
Every day, thousands of physical therapists and rehabilitation nurses are required to perform physically demanding therapeutic patient handling tasks that are stressful to the caregiver and increase his or her risk of developing work-...