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Editorial: Elder Abuse Can Happen to Any Older Adult
Elaine Tilka Miller, PhD RN CRRN FAHA FAAN, Editor
Each year, thousands of older adults are abused, neglected, and exploited. Elder abuse can happen to anyone, even those who are mentally competent and those who do not require constant care. According to the World Health Organization&rs...

Factors Associated with Exercise Among Older Adults in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CE)
Barbara Resnick, PhD CRNP FAAN FAANP • Christopher D’Adamo, BA, ACE Trainer
The objectives of this study were to test a model of the factors that influence exercise activities among a group of older adults living in a continuing care retirement community with a wellness center that features a pool, exercise ...

Genetics/Genomics Advances to Influence Care for Patients with Chronic Disease
Theresa Alice Beery, PhD • Carolyn R. Smith, RN
Rapid changes in the field of genetics/genomics are affecting the way we practice nursing. Staying current on this dynamic field is a challenge for all healthcare professionals. This article discusses genetics/genomics issues that are...

Art in Alzheimer’s Care: Promoting Well-Being in People with Late-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease
Sandra M. Walsh, PhD RN FAAN • Ann R. Lamet, PhD ARNP • Carolyn L. Lindgren, PhD RN • Pam Rillstone, PhD ARNP BC CT • Daniel J. Little, PhD ARNP • Christine M. Steffey, MSN ARNP BC CT • Sharon Y. Rafalko, MS RN • Rosanne Sonshine, MSN RN
The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the responses of people with late-stage Alzheimer’s disease (AD) to a creative bonding intervention (CBI). The CBI consisted of simple art activities. Guided by Reed’s s...

Writers' Award Winner: Experiences of Family Members Acting as Primary Caregivers for Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury
Fumiyo Ishikawa, MS RN • Sumie Suzuki, PhD RN • Akiko Okumiya, PhD RN • Yasuko Shimizu, PhD RN
Research on caregiving experiences of families of patients with traumatic brain injuries has been limited to studies emphasizing negative aspects of care. During this study, families caring for patients with traumatic brain injury (TB...

Memory Matters in Assisted Living
Jenna Asha Malini Marchant, BS RN • Kristine N. Williams, PhD RN
Memory loss often signifies loss of independence, which is a growing concern for residents in assisted living (AL) facilities. The purpose of this exploratory study was to characterize the memory experiences and concerns of AL residen...