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Benefits of Volunteering
Elaine Tilka Miller, PhD RN CRRN FAHA FAAN
Volunteers are individuals who are willing to give their time, energy, and talents to assist others in achieving a common purpose or goal. Moreover, volunteers are a precious form of social capital—eager to serve, looking beyond themselves to he...

A Study of Factors Affecting Moving-Forward Behavior Among People with Spinal Cord Injury (CE)
Hsiao-Yu Chen, PhD MSc BSc RN • Chia-Hsiang Lai, PhD • Tzu-Jung Wu, MS RN
Enhancing self-efficacy, self-perception, and social support can be an effective way for people with spinal cord injury (SCI) to move forward. The purpose of this study was to explore relationships between “moving-forward behavi...

Home Health Nurses’ Perceived Care Errors
Said Absulem, PhD RN • Heather Hardin, RN
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) estimates that every year 44,000 to 98,000 people die due to errors in hospitals, costing approximately $37.6 billion each year (2000). However, limited data are available detailing the extent of health...

A Nurse-Led Approach to Preventing Pressure Ulcers
Tracey L. Yap, PhD RN •Susan M. Kennerly, PhD RN
This article discusses a nurse-led multidisciplinary approach that care providers can use to reduce pressure ulcers (PUs) within their organizations. Given the current understanding of PU etiology and prevention, evidence-based preven...

Use of the Functional Independence Measure for Outcomes Measurement in Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation
Michele Cournan, DNP RN CRRN ANP-BC
Assessment of functional status is a major responsibility for professionals practicing in rehabilitation facilities. Functional assessment tools have been created to meet this need. One of the most widely used tools is the Functional ...

Clinical Narrative: Better to Light a Single Candle
Sandra Stafford Cecil, MSN RN CEN CRRN
The following is a clinical narrative that describes one nurse’s attempt to motivate a patient who had recently sustained an injury that caused quadriplegia and the practice implications that arose from “silo” thinki...

The Effect of Social Support on Functional Recovery and Well-Being in Older Adults Following Joint Arthroplasty
Ruth Ann Kiefer, DrNP RN CRRN CNE
Projections by the U.S. Census Bureau indicate a continual rise in the population of older adults. Along with increased dependency among older adults, chronic illness and aging may have attendant social and personal concerns in the ar...