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Guest Editorial: Quality: The Impact of Rehabilitation Nurses on Patient Outcomes
Joan P. Alverzo, PhD CRRN
One prominent feature of the healthcare legislation that is quickly defining the future of rehabilitation in this country is quality. As rehabilitation nurses, we frequently define our own practice and our choice of practice settings in terms of havin...

Perspectives: Communication: The Key to Effective Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Care of a Child with Complex Rehabilitation Needs
Paula A. Reber, MEd RN CRRN • Elizabeth A. DiPietro, MSN RN CRRN• Yvonne Paraway, PhD RN • Barbara P. Obst, MS RN • Rebecca A. Smith, BSN RN CRRN CWCN • Charnan L. S. Koller, MA RN CRRN CCRP
Healthcare providers have the unique opportunity to provide care and treatment to patients with complex medical needs. They learn early in their careers that the care they provide doesn’t just include the patient. Communication ...

Introduction of Rehabilitation Nursing Concepts in Cambodia
Cambodia is a poor country in Southeast Asia; 80% of its 14.1 million people are sustenance farmers (Central Intelligence Agency, 2006). Health Volunteers Overseas, based in Washington, DC, and Sihanouk Hospital of Hope in Phnom Penh,...

Invest in the Future: Become a Volunteer in Your Professional Nursing Organization (CE)
In this article, volunteer activity in professional organizations is explored. Volunteerism is defined as the giving of a person’s time, energy, and talent to organizations without monetary compensation. A combination of other-s...

Nurses’ Experiences with Bed Exit Alarms May Lead to Ambivalence About Their Effectiveness (CE)
Beth Hubbartt, MSN RN CRRN • Sarah G. Davis, BSN RN • Donald D. Kautz, PhD RN CRRN CNE
The literature reports conflicting evidence regarding the effectiveness of any single intervention, including bed exit alarms, in preventing falls. Yet bed exit alarms are widely used in healthcare settings as part of comprehensive fa...

Therapeutic Music and Nursing in Poststroke Rehabilitation (CE)
Andrew J. Knight, MA MT-BC • Nikki Wiese, CMA
Individuals who experience stroke undergo a critical rehabilitation process with the aid of professionals including physical, occupational, and speech therapists, as well as primary care from nursing staff. However, the extent of the ...

Case Management in Care of Turkish Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Yasemin Tokem, PhD RN • Gulumser Argon, PhD RN • Gokhan Keser, MD
This study examined the effectiveness of a case management (CM) intervention in the care of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) as a pilot study in a teaching hospital in Turkey. Two groups were compared with respect to disability...

Clinical Consultation: Delirium: A Critical Diagnosis for Every Member of the Rehabilitation Team
Levent Tekin, MD • Levent Özçakar, MD • Ahmet Turan IÅŸik, MD
Case Study During the course of rehabilitation, a 78-year-old man presented with immobilization and deconditioning that began 15 days after surgery for a left-sided total hip arthroplasty. His relatives also revealed that he had suffered a se...

Urinary Tract Infections in Patients Admitted to Rehabilitation from Acute Care Settings: A Descriptive Research Study
Diane Romito, BSN RN CRRN • JoAnn M. Beaudoin, BSN RN• Patricia Stein, BSN RN MAOL CNOR
The use of an indwelling urinary catheter comes with associated risks. At a hospital in southern California, nurses on the acute rehabilitation unit suspected their patients were arriving from acute care with undiagnosed urinary tract...