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Guest Editorial: Debt Crisis: Opportunity for Nursing Action
Elaine Tilka Miller, PhD RN CRRN FAHA FAAN, Editor
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) estimate current Medicare spending to be $556 billion or approximately 3.6% of our gross national product (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010). This is a huge expenditure at a time when our federal go...

Targeting Memory Improvement in Assisted Living: A Pilot Study
Kristine N. Williams, PhD RN
This pilot study tested an intervention designed to improve memory for assisted-living (AL) residents. Seven residents in one Midwestern AL facility participated in a six-session memory program based on qualitative research that ident...

Function-Focused Care and Changes in Physical Function in Chinese American and Non–Chinese American Hospitalized Older Adults (CE)
Marie Boltz, PhD CRNP • Barbara Resnick, PhD CRNP FAAN FAANP • Elizabeth Capezuti, PhD RN FAAN • Nina Shabbat, BA • Michelle Secic, MS
Function-focused care (FFC) is a rehabilitative philosophy of care with which nurses help patients engage in activities of daily living and physical activity with the goal of preventing avoidable functional decline. This prospective, ...

The Mauk Model for Poststroke Recovery: Assessing the Phases
Kristen L. Mauk, PhD DNP RN CRRN GCNS-BC GNP-BC FAAN • Constance Lemley, MSN RN GCNS-BC • Julie Pierce, MSN RN FNP • Nola A. Schmidt, PhD RN CNE
Despite the estimated 795,000 strokes occurring in America annually (American Heart Association, 2009), few practical models guide nurses when they provide quality care to stroke survivors. The Mauk Model for Poststroke Recovery is a ...

Biomechanics and Injury Risk Assessment of Falls onto Protective Floor Mats (CE)
David E. Raymond, PhD • Robert D. Catena, PhD • Teddy R. Vaughan, MS PE
This study investigated the biomechanics of simulated sideways falls from various bed heights onto two types of protective floor mats. This article presents biomechanical injury criteria for evaluating the probability of sustaining in...

Teaching Adults SAFE Medication Management
Elizabeth A. Yetzer, MA MSN CRRN • Nancy Goetsch, MSHN RN • Marilyn St. Paul, BSN RN
One in nine visits to the emergency department is the result of a drug-related adverse event and is possibly preventable (Zed et al., 2008). The rehabilitation nurse has the opportunity to teach adults a comprehensive medication manag...