ARN Distinguished Service Award

Selected by the ARN Board of Directors and the Council of Leaders, this award recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to rehabilitation nursing and to the organization. This award is given to a member who has demonstrated leadership by participation in ARN activities on a national, regional, and chapter level.

2017: Cheryl Lehman
2016: Jill Rye
2015: Susan Wirt
2014: Michelle Camicia
2013: Terri Sue Patterson
2012: Anne Deutsch
2011: Linda Pierce
2010: Cynthia Jacelon
2009: Kathleen Stevensdistinguishedservice2
2008: Terrie Black
2007: Marilyn Ter Maat
2006: Elaine Miller
2005: Kristen Mauk
2004: Paul Nathenson
2003: Susan L Folden
2002: Judith A DiFilippo
2001: Dale Eazell
2000: Beth Budny
1999: Maureen Habel
1998: Aloma (Cookie) Gender
1997: Sue Dean-Baar
1996: Teresa Thompson
1993: Renee Steele Rosomoff
1992: Diane Burgher
1991: Malcom Maloof
1990: Patricia McCollom

President's Award

The ARN President's Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of rehabilitation nursing and to ARN. The current president may select a recipient for this award, which does not have to be given each year. The President's Award is given at the president's sole discretion.

2017: Michele Cournan
2016: Grace Campbell and Beverly Reigle
2015: Elaine Flynn
2014: Cheryl Lehman
2013: Elaine Miller
2012: Terrie Blackpresidentsaward
2011: Anne Deutsch
2010: Cindy Gatens
2009: Terrie Patterson
2008: Donna Williams
2007: Karen Preston
2006: Audrey Nelson
2005: Anne Cordes
2003: Susan Greco
1999: Paul Nathenson and Marilyn Ter Maat
1997: Kelly Johnson
1996: Marilyn Pires
1995: Peter Shepard
1994: Shirley Benda
1992: Phyllis Passarella
1991: Joanne DeJanovich