CRRN Renewal Attestation

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CRRN online renewal is easier than ever before. The criteria remain the same, but the process has been made easier for you!

CRRN Renewal by Attestation

Beginning in January 2018, all you have to do is attest that you've met renewal requirements. While you still need to earn 60 points of credit, you will no longer be required to list your professional development activities! This can easily be submitted online and is due at the end of your five-year certification period. You can submit a paper application as well. The same deadlines apply regardless of which renewal method you choose.

When using the online renewal application, we recommend you use Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 10 or newer. Watch for add-ons that block scripts and pop-ups.

How to renew online

  1. Sign in with your ARN website username and password. IMPORTANT: Do NOT create a new account. If you do not know your username and/or password, please contact ARN at 800.229.7530 for assistance. If you create a new account, it will not be linked to your certifcation and you will not be able to access online renewal.

Online renewal application

  1. Once you are logged in, click on the text "Renewal by 60 Points of Credit".
  2. You will see tabs indicating various parts of the application including work history and contact information. Arrows on the right allow you to scroll across tabs.
  3. To complete the information, simply click on the tab. Once you enter the information, you must click the “save and next” button to save the information. A red tab requires completion.
  4. Online applications are only accepted six (6) months prior to your expiration date. At that time, the “submit and pay” button will activate and allow you to submit your application. Please see below for deadline dates. Applications will not be accepted after the certification expiration date. If payment is not made, the application is not considered submitted.
  5. If you wish to pay by check, fill out the online application, select "Save and Print" and mail your completed application packet and check to the RNCB office. We encourage the use of traceable delivery service such as FedEx or UPS. If your application and payment are not received, your certification will not be renewed.
  6. If you need assistance completing the application, call 800.229.7530.
  7. If your application is selected for audit, you will be contacted via certified mail and asked to supply the supporting documentation.

Renewal policies and procedures

2018 Deadlines & Fees

Deadlines are based on the date of submission (online) or postmark (paper-based). CRRNs have two deadline options: early deadline or final deadline. Those who submit the application on or before the early deadline will be able to take advantage of a reduced fee.

Early deadline Final deadline
Certification expiration Application deadline Dates for earning points Application deadline Dates for earning points
6/30/2018 3/31/2018 7/1/2013 to 3/31/2018 6/30/2018 7/1/2013 to 6/30/2018
12/31/2018 9/30/2018 1/1/2013 to 9/30/2018 12/31/2018 1/1/2014 to 12/31/2018
  • All points must be earned prior to submitting an application.
  • If it is necessary to earn additional points during the final three months, the renewal fee will be based on the final deadline.

Future deadlines and accrual periods

 2018 renewal fees are:

Online applications

Early deadline

On or before 3/31/2018 (for CRRNs with 6/30/2018 certification expiration date)

On or before 9/30/2018 (for CRRNs with 12/31/2018 certification expiration date)

Final deadline

Between 4/1/2018 and 6/30/2018 (for CRRNs with 6/30/2018 certification expiration date)

Between 10/1/2018 and 12/31/2018 (for CRRNs with 12/31/2018 certification expiration date)

ARN member $280 $380


$415 $515
Paper applications
ARN member $320 $420
Non-member $455 $555

Renewal fees are subject to change.

Refer to your certificate or the renewal chart if you have questions about your certification deadlines.

Your ARN membership must be current to receive the member discount. Membership is not required for CRRN certification.

Important Notice Regarding Deadlines

If renewing online, the application submission deadline is midnight, central time. This deadline applies if you are applying by the early deadline (March 31 or September 30) or the final deadline (June 30 or December 31). If you have not completed and submitted the application by midnight, central time, you may incur a higher fee or miss the opportunity to renew entirely.

It is your personal and professional responsibility to meet renewal requirements and submit an application on or before the deadline if you wish to maintain your CRRN credential. It is in your best interest to renew well before the deadline to avoid problems and the potential loss of your CRRN certification.

Advantages to renewing early:
1. Check it off your “to do” list and save money by avoiding the late fee.
2. Give yourself extra time in case problems are identified. If you wait until the deadline, it might not be possible to correct any problems.
3. Get answers to your questions. Customer services representatives are available Monday-Friday, 8 am to 6 pm central time at 800.229.7530. If calling outside of these times, you will be unable to reach a live operator and if you wait until the deadline to renew, you may be unable to get help with your questions.

The RNCB is not responsible for
• lost, stolen, mangled, misdirected, or postage due mail
• applicants’ inability to access assistance by phone or email
• applications not received due to difficulty accessing the internet, service outage or delays, computer difficulties or other technical difficulties.

Paper-based Application
If you decided not to use the online system, a paper-based application will be available six months prior to your certification expiration date. The application postmark deadline is the last day of the month, three months prior to the certification expiration date. Applications postmarked during the final three months of certification must include the late fee in addition to the application fee.