Promoting CRRN Certification Within Your Facility

Foster the professional development needed by your nursing staff to provide quality cost-effective care through certification in rehabilitation nursing.

There are many benefits that come from supporting the Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) certification program.

One benefit is being able to recruit and retain highly qualified nurses. During a nursing shortage, job satisfaction is key to nurse retention, and staff turnover can cost an institution thousands of dollars in temporary staffing, and in the recruitment and training of new staff. This is far more than the cost of supporting certification. According to a recent survey, 95% of certified nurses are currently working in the nursing field, compared to only 83% of general non-certified nurses.

Another benefit of promoting the CRRN certification program is that it allows you to differentiate your facility from the competition. By staffing a high percentage of certified nurses, an institution can position itself as having the most knowledgeable and skilled nursing staff available. Certification of nursing staff also factors into accreditation received by agencies such as JCAHO, or distinction by ANCC’s Magnet Recognition Program.

Certified nurses can also improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. A study published in Rehabilitation Nursing found a correlation between the percentage of registered nurses certified in rehabilitation nursing at a facility and the patient length of stay.  Specifically, for every 6% increase in CRRNs on the unit, the average length of stay decreased by one day.1 This demonstrates the tangible benefits of certification to patients and healthcare organizations.

According to research conducted by the American Journal of Nursing (2001), certified nurses reported that they experienced fewer adverse events and errors in patient care than before they were certified. These nurses reported feeling more confident in their ability to detect early signs and symptoms of complications, and to initiate early and prompt interventions for such complications. According to the same study, certified nurses also reported more personal growth and job satisfaction.

1Nelson, A., Powell-Cope, G., Palacios, P., Luther, S.L., Black, T., Hillman, T., et al. (2007). "Nursing staffing and patient outcomes in inpatient rehabilitation settings." Rehabilitation Nursing, 32(5): 179-202.

Ideas for Promoting CRRN Certification in Your Facility

  • Hang a certification poster in your facility (call 800/229-7530 to request one.)
  • Publicize certification test dates and deadlines in your facility newsletter.
  • Develop a lending library of study materials, such as the core curriculum and PRN course.
  • Recognize members who have received the CRRN credential.

Recognizing CRRN Certified Nurses in Your Facility

Support and recognition of certified nurses provides employers with opportunities to motivate their staff, and it can enhance employee satisfaction and performance.

Here are some ideas to help you recognize these nurses in your facility:

  • Provide financial assistance for nurses to pursue certification.
  • Reward certified nurses financially.
  • Offer personal recognition, such as a CRRN pin, letter of congratulations, or announce recently certified nurses in your facility newsletter.
  • Offer shift/day work schedule preferences to certified nurses.
  • Hold a luncheon for these individuals during Rehabilitation Awareness Week, or any other time during the year.

Encourage your professional nurses to earn and maintain CRRN certification—it’s a great way to promote and reward professional development and to provide high quality care.

You'll find complete information about rehabilitation nursing certification in the candidate handbook. The handbook contains eligibility criteria, test content outlines, suggested resources, and more. To share this information with your staff, you can request copies of the application handbook by calling 800/229-7530, or download the application here for immediate viewing online.


VA Benefits

CRRN certification has been approved by the Department of Veterans' Affairs as an educational benefit for military personnel. If you are eligible, this benefit allows for reimbursement of certification fees.

Patient Outcomes

A landmark study has validated the importance of certification in rehabilitation nursing. This recent study found that as the percentage of registered nurses certified in rehabilitation nursing (CRRN®) increased, the length of stay decreased. Specifically, for every 6% increase in CRRNs on the unit, the average length of stay decreased by one day.

Click here to view the complete study.