CRRN Certification Recognition

recognitionDemonstrate your commitment to nursing care within your facility by recognizing the nurses who have demonstrated their commitment to your patients.  Help foster the professional development needed by your nursing staff to provide quality cost-effective care through certification in rehabilitation nursing – everyone benefits: your facility, your nurses, and most importantly your patients.

Ideas for promoting CRRN certification in your facility

  • Distribute the CRRN Brochure to aspiring nurses.
  • Hang a certification poster in your facility (call 800.229.7530 to request one.)
  • Publicize certification test dates and deadlines in your facility newsletter.
  • Develop a lending library of study materials, such as the ARN core curriculum and PRN course.
  • Recognize members who have received the CRRN credential with a wall plaque.

Ideas to help you recognize CRRN nurses in your facility


  • Provide financial assistance for nurses to pursue certification.
  • Offer financial incentives for attaining and maintaining certification.
  • Recognize CRRNs with a CRRN lapel pin, letter of congratulations, or announce recently certified nurses in your facility newsletter.
  • Offer shift/day work schedule preferences to certified nurses.
  • Hold a celebration luncheon during Rehabilitation Awareness Week or any other time during the year in honor of CRRN nurse staff.

You'll find complete information about rehabilitation nursing certification in the application handbook. The handbook contains eligibility criteria, test content outlines, suggested resources, and more. To share this information with your staff, you can request copies of the application handbook by calling 800.229.7530, or download the application handbook for immediate viewing online.