Inactive Status

A Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN®) who is unable to meet the requirements for renewal at the time his or her certification expires may apply for inactive status. Inactive status is a period of up to 3 years. If the inactive CRRN does not apply to renew prior to the end of the inactive period, certification will lapse and may be regained only by examination.

To be eligible for inactive status, the CRRN must have a current, unrestricted RN license; submit an inactive status application prior to the expiration of certification; and experience one or more of the following events during his or her 5-year certification period:

• birth or adoption of a child
• leaving paid employment to care for a child or other dependent
• active military duty
• divorce
• serious illness of self or a family member
• death of a family member
• loss of primary housing due to natural disaster (e.g. earthquake, hurricane, fire, catastrophic flood)

CRRNs may be granted inactive status only once within a 10 year period.

Serious illness: an acute or chronic condition, disease, or injury that required hospitalization.
Family member: spouse, parent (own or spouse), or child (own or spouse); or other individual who share a residence with the CRRN at the time of serious illness or death.

Use of credential
While on inactive status, the nurse may not represent himself or herself as a CRRN or use the CRRN credential.

Return to active status
To reactivate CRRN certification, the inactive CRRN must complete the renewal requirements in effect at the time. Specifically, the nurse may either take and pass the CRRN examination or may submit a points of credit renewal application. He or she may do this at any time within the 3-year inactive period as soon as the renewal requirements have been met. If applying by points of credit, the nurse must use points earned within a 5-year period. This period is defined by the date the renewal requirements are satisfied (experience and points of credit).  For example, if the inactive CRRN completes earning 60 points of credit on May 12, 2012, the time period for earning points is May 12, 2007 through May 12, 2012. If the application to renew (and thus reactivate CRRN status) is approved, the nurse’s new certification will be assigned a June 30 or December 31 expiration date five years hence; whichever month is closer. 
There is a fee to apply for inactive status. When the inactive CRRN is ready to complete the renewal process to reactivate certification, he or she will need to pay the full renewal fee in effect at that time.

To download an inactive status application, click here.

Retired Status

Registered nurses who meet the eligibility criteria will be granted Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse – Retired status upon submission of application and payment of a fee.

In order to be eligible for CRRN-Retired status, candidates must:

    • have a current, unrestricted RN license as the time of retirement 
    • be a current CRRN or CRRN-A at the time of retirement or CRRN or CRRN-A certification must have expired within the 5 years prior to the date of retirement 
    • no longer be employed within the nursing profession. 

If a CRRN-Retired re-enters the nursing profession, he or she may no longer used the designation and may regain the CRRN credential by meeting the eligibility criteria in effect at that time, paying the examination fee, and achieving a passing score on the CRRN examination.

To download a retired status application, click here.