Poster 1
F.A.C.T to Improve Patient Safety
Karen Allabastro, BSN RN CRRN


Poster 2
Improving Outcomes Through Education of the CNA
Teresa Arms, RN CRRN


Poster 3
Nothing About Me Without Me
Donna Bagley, MSN RN CRRN CNML


Poster 4
Enhancing Clinical Excellence through Implementation of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
Hilda Ventimiglia, BSN RN


Poster 5
Traumatic Brain Injury Protocol: Developing a Holding Community
Leah Bellinger, M.S. CCC-SL, CBIS


Poster 6
Best Practices for Respiratory Management in Acute Rehabilitation
Nicole Benameur, BS RN RD LD


Poster 7
Focused Teaching: Foundation of Rehabilitation
LaKeithia Blake, BS RN CRRN


Poster 8
Does Incontinence or Bladder and Bowel Function Effect Whether a Stroke Patient is Discharged to Home or a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) from Shands Rehab Hospital?
Lisa Dowd, RN


Poster 9
A Comparison of Urinary Tract Infection Rates in Spinal Cord Injured Patients
Jeanette Clarke, BSN RN CRRN


Poster 10
Interdisciplinary NDT; From Theory to Practice to Outcomes
Stacey Noel Coffee, BSN RN CRRN


Poster 11
Is Sleep Underrated? Rehabilitation Nurses Enhancing Sleep Hygiene for Patients
Heather Crichlow-Baako, MSN RN CRRN


Poster 12
Developing a Rehabilitation Culture: Transition to Sub-Acute Care in a Nursing Home
Cleveland Greaves, RN


Poster 13
MASAA--Medication Administration Self-Assessment Algorithm
Phan Dang, BSN


Poster 14
Unit Huddles
Phan Dang, BSN


Poster 15
"Activity Stations" for the Brain Injured patient


Poster 16
“I Don't Care”:Turning Non-Compliance Into Competence in the Adolescent SCI Population
Tabita Delisca, BSN RN


Poster 17
Standardized Bedside Reporting in a Rehabilitation Setting
Jessica L. Donaldson, BSN RN


Poster 18
Call Don't Fall
Gretchen Erica Eslick, CRRN


Poster 19
The Rehabilitation of Stroke Survivors with Ventricular Assist Devices: Lessons Learned
Catharine Farnan-Kennedy, MS CRRN ONC CBIS


Poster 20
Exceptional Patient and Family Model
Donna L. Fleming, MSN RN-BC NE-BC


Poster 21
Sick Patients Are Coming: Improving Rehabilitation Care for Patients at Risk for Respiratory Complications
Kathy E. Garren, BSN RN MAEd CRRN


Poster 22
Diabetes Education in Rehabilitation: Keeping up with the Times
Cindy Gatens, MN RN CRRN


Poster 23
CRRN®s: From 4 to 40 in 2 ½ years
Bonita L. Gormly, BSN RN CRRN


Poster 24
Nurses's Perception of Fall Prevention
Marcia Grandstaff, MSN RN CRRN


Poster 26
SCI Home Care: Multidisciplinary Management of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Karen Hopkins, BSN CRRN


Poster 27
Admission Reconciliation in Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation
Beverley Ingelson, BSN RN MHA


Poster 28
Elder's Strategies to Recover and Maintain Attributed Dignity
Cynthia S. Jacelon, PhD RN-BC CRRN FAAN


Poster 29
The Buck Stops Here: Increasing Patient Involvement with Implementation of Bedside Report on the Rehabilitation Unit
Lori Johnston, RN


Poster 30
Falls Reduction Adressed by Nursing Continuous Education (FRANCE)
Angela L. Jordan, BSN RN CRRN


Poster 31
Building an Interdisciplinary Policy, Competency, and Education Program: Care of the Patient with a Halo Jacket
Mary Jean Kotch, MSN CRRN


Poster 32
Performance Improvement: Creating Guidelines, Tools, and Education for Autonomic Dysreflexia
Mary Jean Kotch, MSN RN CRRN


Poster 33
The Compassion of Caring = The Daisy Award
Diane LaPorta, BSN CRRN


Poster 34
Electronic Rehabilitation Documentation: Our Journey to Paperless
Denise C. Lee, CRRN BS


Poster 35
“Club House” Must We Restrain or Can We Entertain?
Jacalyn Lichtenstein, RN, CRRN


Poster 36
Working with Physiatrist on Pre-Admission Documentation
Jorilynn Lima, CRRN


Poster 37
Rehabilitation Nurses Role- From the Bedside to Beyond!
Johanna Loffeld, RN CRRN


Poster 38
Using Education and Technology to Prepare Nursing Staff for Joint Commission Surveys
Brenda McCall-Russell, RN CRRN


Poster 39
A Nursing/Pharmacy Taskforce: Working Together to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Optimal Patient Safety
Donna M. Montarone, BSN BSBA CRRN


Poster 40
Pearls Of Wisdom For Spasticity Management Using Intrathecal Baclofen Pump For SCI/D
Cissi Wimberly Oloomi, MSN APRN CNS-BC FNP CNRN CRRN


Poster 41
Caregiver Abuse: Women with Disabilities
Charity T. Omiela, MSN RN CRRN


Poster 42
Spinal Cord Impairment Pressure Ulcer Monitoring Tool (SCI-PUMT)
Julius H. Penning, MSN/ED RN CRRN


Poster 43
Caregivers' Usage and Design Evaluation of a Stroke Intervention Website


Poster 44
Anticoagulation Teaching for Success
Carmella Pistone, MA MS CRRN


Poster 45
Recreation of the Charge Nurse Role to Improve Outomes
Molly Quarles-Bailey, BSN RN


Poster 46
The Walk Me Program
Mary Quinn, RN CRRN


Poster 47
Emerging Home Hemodialysis Technology and its Application to Spinal Cord Injuries and Other Rehabilitation Patients with Permanent Conditions of Mobility
Rhonda Rains, RN CRRN


Poster 48
Sexuality and the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Patient
Stacey Kacyon, RN


Poster 49
Rehabilitation GPS-Guiding Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries
Kevin Richardson, RN


Poster 50
Rehabilitation for Terminally Ill Patients
Michele Rinkes, BSN RN CRRN


Poster 51
Patient Safety is no Accident
Kerry Davis, BSN RN CRRN


Poster 52
Making a Comprehensive Oral Hygiene Program an Integral Component of Acute Rehabilitation
Vickie Romel-Nichols, BSN RN CRRN


Poster 53
Implementing Safe Patient Handling with the use of Ceiling Lifts
Nancy A. Roster, RN CRRN CPN


Poster 54
Relationship Based Care (RBC) and its Effects on Patient Satisfaction


Poster 55
A Prospective Study on Urinary Tract Infections
Mary Kuncis, RN


Poster 56
Patient Interdisciplinary Discharge Instructions: The link to Managing the Successful Transition to Home and Beyond
Kim Renee Schlecht, BSN CRRN


Poster 57
Navigating the Road to Advocacy for the Individual with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Lifetime Challenge
Anne M. Sheridan, BSN RN


Poster 58
Teaching Patients To Take Medication Safely At Home
Laurie Shippey, RN


Poster 59
A Simple Nursing Schedule Adjustment To Improve Patient Clinical Outcomes During Inpatient Rehabilitation
Elizabeth L. Smith, MSN RN


Poster 60
Tame the Pain: Managing CRPS in the Pediatric Setting
Lou Ellen Stallworth, BSN RN


Poster 61
Rapid Assessment Team (RAT) Alert: A Planned Response To Changing Patient Conditions
Evelyn H. T-Armstrong, MSN RN CRRN


Poster 62
Impact of Licensed Nurse Working Hours Upon Patient Safety
Pamela A. Terry, RN


Poster 63
Reliability of Temporal Thermometers in Spinal Cord Injury Patients
Virginia Rebecca Thayer, MSN RN CRRN


Poster 64
Preparation for Discharge Day
Judith Tinelli, MSN RN ONC CNL CRRN


Poster 65
"Ready-Set-Hand-Off"- with SBAR for a Winning Touchdown"!
Lynn Wetherwax, MSN RN CRRN


Poster 66
Health Promotion through Positive Self-Efficacy Beliefs in an Inpatient Rehabilitation Program: An Interdisciplinary Effort to Improve Patient Outcomes at Discharge and with Transition Home Wendy Wintersgill, MSN RN CRRN ACNS-BC


Poster 67
Current Issues: Tightening the Belt on Patient and Staff Safety
Wendy Wintersgill, MSN RN CRRN ACNS-BC
is a reseach grant recipient for Posey® Company


Poster 68
Super Fimmers: Scoring for Sucess [B]
Ellen Jo Suerth, BSN RN CRRN ONC


Poster 69
BUCKEYES: Backing Up Colleagues Keeping Employees Yearning for Ergonomic Safety [A]
Tracy Shoemaker, BSN RN CRRN


Poster 70
Clear Interdisciplinary Communication Improves the Quality of Patient Care and Nurse Satisfaction [I]
Vannga Nguyen, RN CPN APHON