Preconference Sessions

Wednesday, October 3 | 8 am–Noon

Neurotransmitters in Health and Disease (001)

3.75 CH, 3 Rx
Barb Bancroft, MSN RN PNP

Serotonin and dopamine have many diverse functions in the central, peripheral, and enteric nervous systems. Understanding their complex interactions can be perplexing, but Barb Bancroft facilitates the process with ease and humor. Explore the role that serotonin plays in many clinical conditions from mood elevation to panic attacks. Dopamine’s role in addiction as well as its effects on movement, the gastrointestinal system, and hallucinations will be explored. Attendess will gain an understanding of the role of GABA as the “mom” of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Finally, Bancroft will address pharmacologic manipulation of neurotransmitters for several conditions.

Fee: ARN Member $95, Nonmember $125

Wednesday, October 3 | 1 pm-5 pm

Demystifying Medical Management of the Stroke Patient in the Rehabilitation Setting (002)

3.75 CH, 1 Rx

After the acute phase of a stroke, the focus of patient care is redirected toward rehabilitation and limiting permanent disability, yet it remains multidimensional because of comorbid conditions that require ongoing management. How do I handle diabetes, hypertension, and renal dysfunction in the rehabilitation setting? What about acute scenarios such as altered mental status or chest pain? Will they require a readmission to acute care? What about pharmacologic agents for secondary stroke prevention? Why is my patient on this particular drug and how does it affect other aspects of care? This session will help answer these questions and take the mystery out of the medical management of the stroke patient so the focus of care can be redirected to maximum recovery.

Fee: ARN Member $95, Nonmember $125

Nonpharmaceutical Interventions for Pain Management (003)

3.75 CH
Catherine Stallworth, MD; Bonnie S. Johnson, MS RN BC-HN CHTP/I; Omar Jutte, RN

Integrative approaches to pain management emphasize the importance of patient-practitioner relationships and address the whole person body, mind, and spirit. These approaches are informed by scientific evidence and embrace all appropriate interventions to foster healing in the individual, including traditional, complementary, and alternative approaches to the enhancement of health. Join us for a comprehensive discussion and demonstration of integrative approaches to pain management, such as yoga, meditation, progressive relaxation, acupuncture, and healing touch. The workshop will include a basic overview of the scientific evidence for integrative approaches to pain management, and each attendee will have the opportunity to experience a hands-on demonstration resulting in a delightful half day of self-care for all who attend.

Fee: ARN Member $95, Nonmember $125