Paper Presentations

Thursday October 3, 2013

Mother & Child (Session 601)
Management of Breastfeeding with Spinal Cord Injury -- Chyna's Story
Mary Young, BSN RN; Kerry Davis BSN RN CRRN CBIS

Mothers' Beliefs Regarding Rehabilitation Following Neonatal Intraventricular Hemorrhage
Teresa MacGregor, PhD ARNP

Early Intervention with Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy in a Child with Anoxic Brain Injury: A Case Report.
Shelly Rich, RN LBSW

Brain Injury (Session 602)
Sports-Related Concussions and Young Athletes: What Do We Know and How Will We Respond?

Be Prepared: Using the Process Improvement Model to Manage Behavior Issues in the Traumatic Brain Injury Population
Lisa Pinder, RN BSN CRRN

Rehab Nursing Care and Management of the Patient with the NeuroInvasive Form of West Nile Virus: A 21st Century Issue
Joanne Condi, RN MN CNRN CRRN

Location, Location, Location: Correlating location of Brain Insult to Symptoms
Sally Strong, RN

Falls & Safety (Session 603)
Safe Patient Handling-STOP (Stop, Think, Organize, Position)
Katricia Draeger, RN

Decreasing Fall Rates with the Use of 30 Minute Rounding
Linda Weatherly, RN BSN MHA CRRN; Chanda Oceguera, RN CRRN

Opportunities and Strategies to Develop a Culture of Safety In a Restraint Free Environment
Laleh Jamshidi-Azad, RN CRRN

Creating a Climate of Safety Through Cohorting High Risk Fallers
Wayde Binder, BSN; Susan Brindisi MS Ed MA CHES CRRN

Predicting Fall Risk in Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities
Jamie DAusilio, RN MSN CRRN

Mentoring/Professional Development (Session 604)
Evidenced-Based Rehabilitation Nursing Competency Program

Charge Nurse Development: Education Structure to Facilitate Success and Optimize Professional Function and Accountability
Debra Eisenstadt, MS RN

Using Mock Codes in Rehab for Crisis Readiness
Phyllis Danza, RN

Nursing Orientation in Opening New Rehabilitation Hospitals
Kathleen Shafer, MA RN NEA-BC CRRN

Understanding the Rehabilitation Knowledge of Registered Nurses Working in an Acute Rehabilitation Facility
Denise Deforest, MSN CRRN

Friday October 4, 2013

Spinal Cord Injury (Session 701)
Enhancing Knowledge Regarding Autonomic Dysreflexia: A First Responder's First Response
Jennifer Wahl, MS, RN, CRRN, DNP candidate

An Overdistended Bladder Drain It All At Once or In Increments
Joan Whitney-Bujold, RN BSN

Non-Pharmaceutical Methods of Pain Relief for Spinal Cord Injured Patients
Suzanne Retzer, RN BSN CRRN

Educational Classes for Spanish-Speaking Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries
Ann Gutierrez, MSN RN CRRN CNRN CBIS; Becky Thayer, MSN RN CRRN CBIS

Skin Care (Session 702)
Maximizing Our Resources for Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Enid Mercado, BSN RN

Pressure Ulcers and Medical Devices
Sheila Collins, ADN RN IV CRRN

It Takes a Village: Skin Team Grown from the Grassroots
Vivian Pacheco, MS RN CRRN CWOCN

Painful Toes: When Nails Are Long: Nursing Care Tips
Rita Bonczek, APRN

Rehab Beyond Walls (Session 703)
A Lifeline to Hope, The Nurse Advice Line
Catherine Davis, BA BSN MPS RN CRRN

Building Bridges of Hope: Partnering with HandiKOS to Improve Accessibility in the Balkans
Donna Jernigan, MS BSN RN CRRN

The Meaning of Reintegration: A Dimensional Analysis
Lisa Salamon, MSN RN GCNS BC

Patient Satisfaction (Session 704)
Improving the Discharge Process: The Impact on Patient Safety and Customer Satisfaction
Susan Evans, RN MSN

Patient Profile a Document for Safe Discharge
Missy Neubauer, RN

Focus on Relationships: The Key to Maintaining High Patient Satisfaction
Stephanie Lowrance, MSN RN CRRN; Emily Trotter, RN CRRN

Friday October 4, 2013

Stroke (Session 801)
Stroke Survivors' Advice About Sexuality Education and Counseling
Julie Millenbruch, PhD

SAFE Medication Management for Patients with Stroke
Elizabeth Yetzer, RN

Rehabilitation Challenges with the Post Partum Breastfeeding Mom
Augusta Ishola, BSN CRRN

Patient Education & Communication (Session 802)
Motivational Interviewing: A Road Map to Patient Engagement in the Rehabilitation Setting
Tiffany LeCroy, RN MSN FNP-C

Bedside Reporting: Enhancing Nurse Patient Relationship & Communication
Lorraine Hill-Cook, BSN MSN

Discharge Classes for Patients and Family Members in an Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital
Lisa Treadwell, RN

Knowledge is Power
Kelly Miles, RN; Sheila Swortzel RN

Rehabilitation for the 21st Century (Session 803)
Internet Mentoring: What We Need to Understand as Rehabilitation Nurses
Theresa Pietsch, PhD RN CRRN CNE

Telemedicine in Wound Care
Laurie Crookenden, BS RN CWOCN CRRN

Integrative Rehabilitation Model
Juliann Perdue, DNP

Shared Governance: A Professional Practice Model for Acute Rehabilitation
Donna Fleming, MSN RN

The Future of Rehabilitation Nursing Skills: Administering Chemotherapeutic Medications in Rehab
Lesley-Anne Bandy, RN BSN CRRN

Management (Session 804)
Rehabilitation Nursing Staffing: Balancing Quality with Efficiency
Joan Alverzo, PhD RN CRRN

Maximizing Nurse Productivity Through Review of Staffing Design and Top of Licensing Practice
Florence Filak, RN

Challenge Accepted! Engaged Staff
Susan McCulley, RN MSN; Tima Roma-Fisher RN MSN CRRN Caritas Coach

David Jones, RN BS

Saturday October 5, 2013

FIM & Documentation (Session 901)
The Zero Defect Culture-Reaching for Perfection in Outcomes
Regina Keller, MSN

Outcome Measurement: What the Clinician Needs to Know
Kathleen Stevens, PhD RN CRRN NE-BC

Data Transparency and Quality Improvement: Developing IRF-Specific Benchmarks
Susan Chase, MSN RN CRRN

Graduation Day: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Improve Communication and Celebrate Patient Achievement
Katherine Rios, BSN

Safety Standards:  Assessing and Sustaining the Culture of Safety on an Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit
Rachel Adams, RN BSN CRRN

Team Approach (Session 902)
Decreasing Acute Care Transfers in the Rehabilitation Setting
Vickie Howsare, RN BSN CRRN

Leading Change through Communication, Collaboration and Education
Patricia Lyons, RN MSN CRRN; Rachel Bronson, BSN RN CRRN; Amanda Darling BSN RN

Miracles in Motion
Regina Keller, MSN

Integration of Complementary and Alternative Therapies in an Acute Rehabilitation Hospital: A Readiness Assessment
Juliann Perdue, DNP RN FNP

Look, Don't Overlook: The Importance of Oral Health
Vickie Romel-Nichols, MSN RN CRRN CBIS

Compassion & Caring (Session 903)
Nurses 'Engage' with Patients in the Rehabilitation Setting: A Qualitative Study

Attributed Dignity and Health in Older Adults with Chronic Health Problems
Cynthia Jacelon, PhD RN-BC CRRN FAAN

Journey to Become Caritas Nurses- Integrating the Theory of Human Caring into Rehab Nursing Practice
Tina Roma-Fisher, RN MSN CRRN Caritas Coach

Rebuilding a Life..Clinical Coordination of the Neurobehavioral Patient
Kathleen Scavetta, RN CRRN

Bowel & Bladder (Session 904)
Target Zero for Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs)
Ann Gutierrez, MSN RN CRRN CNRN CBIS; Allison Reimers, RN MSN CRRN

Problem Solving Encrustation in Urinary Catheters
Rita Bonczek, APRN

Improving Hydration: It Takes a Team
Marla Porter, RN MSN CRRN; Kristy Connor, MC CCC-SLP; Paul Smith, PTA

An Evidence-Based Approach to Reducing CAUTI in the Acute Rehabilitation Setting
Beth Hudson, MS RN CRRN; Jay Rosenberg, MSN CRRN CNML