ARN conference registration is located in the Charlotte Convention Center in Concourse C.


 Poster 1
Interpretation and Translation for Improved Patient Outcomes
Judith Mauro, BSN MA

 Poster 2
Expanding Rehabilitation Services in the Community: Admissions Coordinator Outreach
Janice Rook, RN MS CRRN

 Poster 3
Creation and Development of a Successful Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Staff Skills Fair Program
Leslie Williams, RN CRRN

 Poster 4
Let's Get on the Same Page:  How One Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Unit Has Facilitated Nurse Participation in Interdisciplinary Team Communication
Jamie Troup, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 5
The Road to Building a Bladder Management Algorithm
Mary Via, RN CRRN

 Poster 6
Taking Care of Your Most Valuable Asset; CRRN Nurse Leaders

 Poster 7
Certified Nursing Assistant to Behavioral Aide: Role Transition
Andrea Davis, MSN

 Poster 8
Falls Reduction Addressed by Nursing Continuous Education-FRANCE
Angela Jordan, BSN CRRN

 Poster 9
Pressure Ulcers: 'Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place'
Aida Purisic, RN

 Poster 10
Managing Spasticity in the Outpatient Rehabilitation Continuum
Karin Dahl, BSN RN

 Poster 11
For Your Safety
Naomi Seef, RN

 Poster 12
Challenges of Handwashing Compliance in an Inpatient Rehab Setting
Lisa Bohn, RN CRRN

 Poster 13
Enhancing Patient Safety and Quality with Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Orientation
Nellie Bellot, RN BSN MSN CRRN

 Poster 14
Love the Skin They're In: Development of a Comprehensive Pressure Ulcer Prevention Education Program
Elaine Flynn, MSN BSN

 Poster 15
Excellent Outcomes through Education: The Teachback Method and Positive Patient Outcomes
Traci Curtorillo, RN

 Poster 16
Staff Engagement Survey to Improve Staff Retention and Recruitment
Diana Allen, RN BSN

 Poster 17
COPE: Community Outreach & Prevention Experience
Ann Wilson, MS RN

 Poster 18
An Overdistended Bladder: Drain It All At Once, or In Increments
Joan Whitney-Bujold, RN BSN CRRN

 Poster 19
Integrating Simulation Technology Into Collaborative Rehabilitation Practice
Catharine Farnan-Kennedy, MS RN CRRN

 Poster 20
eKardex: An Interdisciplinary Communication Tool Developed by Nurses, Centered on Patients
Mike Hartge, MSN RN CRRN

 Poster 21
Patient Education for Rehab Nurses by Rehab Nurses
Ani Sahagian, RN BSN CRRN

 Poster 22
Implementing Best Practice: Educating Interprofessional Staff
Alice Christaldi, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 23
Oncology Rehabilitation
Natasha Compton, RN

 Poster 24
Sharing the Data - Driving Excellence in Rehabilitation Nursing
Valerie Vermiglio-Kohn, RN MS

 Poster 25
Nurse Liaison Creates Teachable Moments for Brain Injury Support Group Clients
Kristine Longo, RN CRRN

 Poster 26
Medication Omissions - The Elephant in the Room
Marie Rankin, RN CRRN

 Poster 27
Responding to a Rehab Emergency: Fun & 'Simulating' Experenience
Marcia Grandstaff, RN MSN

 Poster 28
Early Intervention with Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy in a Child with Anoxic Brain Injury: A Case Report
Shelly Rich, RN LBSW; Dr. Tamara Zagustin, MD

 Poster 29
Building a Strong Nursing Team:  Trends to Improve Quality of Care
Ani Sahagian, RN

 Poster 30
Behavior Attendants: Not Just a Sitter
Rebecca Bird

 Poster 31
Catheter Acquired Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) Prevention In An Acute Rehabilitation Hospital
Laleh Jamshidi-Azad, RN CRRN

 Poster 32
Decreasing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections
Regina Keller, MSN

 Poster 33
Making a Difference: Rescuing Rehab Patients in the First Five Minutes
Kathryn Garren, MSN MAED CRRN; Phyllis Danza, RN

 Poster 34
Patient Restraints: Facilitating Healing in the Safest, Least Restrictive Manner
Danielle Gelhar

 Poster 35
‘My Daily Plan' (MDP)
Irene Tranowski, MSN

 Poster 36
The Road to Independence for Bladder and Bowel
Gail Gibbs, RN CRRN; Leslie Baker, RN CRRN MSN

 Poster 37
FIM Rounds
Omaira Riano, RN

 Poster 38
Fall Prevention Program
Omaira Riano, RN

 Poster 39
The Future of Rehabilitation Nursing Skills:  Administering Chemotherapeutic Medications in Rehab 
Caroline Zarate, BSN CRRN

 Poster 40
Follow the Yellow Brick Road Home A Multidisciplinary Family Education Process
Ann Bines, MS RN CRRN

 Poster 42
Interdisciplinary Initiatives:  Rehabilitation Teamwork At Its Best
Lesley-Anne Bandy, RN BSN CRRN

 Poster 43
Strategic Planning and Implementation of Evidence-Based Research: Collaboration with Academia and Rehabilitation Nurses
Melody Sharp, DNP RN

 Poster 44
Working with Physiatrist on Pre-Admission
Jorilynn Lima, RN

 Poster 45
Insights to Patient Care Continuum
Jolene Klotz, MSN

 Poster 46
F.A.C.E. Team
Denise White, BSN

 Poster 47
Patient Teaching Day
Mariyln Huston, RN MSN CRRN

 Poster 48
Who's Bugging Your Line?
Lisa Concannon, RN

 Poster 49
The Development of a Discharge Strategy
Diana LaPorta, BSN CRRN

 Poster 51
What do You do When RRT Rates are Low and Code Rates are High? A Team Effort to Preventing an Escalating End...
Florence Filak, RN

 Poster 52
Onboarding of New RNs Creating a Passion for Rehabilitation Nursing
Jessica Coudriet, RN

 Poster 54
Redefining Fall Risk Assessment for Rehabilitation Patients
Venugopal Pillai

 Poster 55
Code Gray - A Safe Approach to the Care of the Agitated Patient
Missy Neubauer, RN BSN CRRN; Tammy Bagyi, RN

 Poster 56
Feasibility of Web-Based Psychosocial Assessment for Caregivers of Persons with Dementia
Cheryl Gies, DNP MSN CRNP

 Poster 57
Nurse's Responses to Stroke Caregivers using a Web-based Supportive Intervention

 Poster 58
Developing Smart Environments for Individuals with Chronic Illness
Cynthia Jacelon, PhD RN-BC CRRN FAAN

 Poster 59
Preventing CAUTIs in the Rehab Setting
Linda Doerflein, RN BS CPHRM; Katricia Draeger, RN

 Poster 60
To Boost or NOT: Promoting Safe Patient Handling Devices for Bed Mobility
Anne Leclaire, MS RN CRRN

 Poster 61
Transition From Nursing Student to RN to CRRN; Rehab Hospital Partners with Local University

 Poster 62
Stepping Up to Stop Falls Because We C-A-R-E
Tiffanie Koble, RN; Lesley Workman, RN

 Poster 63
Our Pathway to Rehab Excellence and Nurse Retention
Florence Oppong, CRRN

 Poster 64
Racing to the Finishing Line
Ronella Eaddy, RN

 Poster 65
Empowered to Improve:  Unit Based Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program
Beth Jacobs, RN CCM CRRN

 Poster 66
Fall Prevention in the Rehabilitation Setting
Tara Mager, MSN RN CRRN

 Poster 67
Milkbones Are the Best Medicine
Andrea Dube, RN CRRN

  Poster 68
Restoration of Partner Intimacy As An Essential Component of Rehabilitation Nursing Care
Nancy St James, BSN

 Poster 69
Autonomic Dysreflexia, Rhabdomyolysis, Acute Renal Failure and Seizures in a Patient with an Intrathecal Baclofen Pump: A Case Report
Yolanda Corrigall, BSN CRRN

 Poster 70
Shepherd's "Gentle Giant": Stories of a Canine Comforter
Rebecca McWalters, BSN RN CRRN