Poster 1 Advanced
Getting to Zero:  Preventing Urinary Tract Infection During Rehabilitation
Gretchen Eslick, CRRN

 Poster 2 Basic
Wound Healing With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Mindy J. Mitchell, MN DBA FACHE CRRN

 Poster 3 Advanced
Integrating The Role Of Nurse Practitioner Into The Acute Rehabilitation Setting: Enhancing Onboarding And Orientation

 Poster 4 Intermediate
The Portable Health Profile-  EMR And Beyond
Carmella Pistone-Halpern, MA MS

 Poster 5 Advanced
Noise Levels And Alarms On Nursing Units Affects Both Patients And Staff
Carol Clinton, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 7 Basic
The Nursing Student - Our Future - Maximizing The Opportunity To Share Knowledge Of The Unique Rehabilitation Nursing Environment
Kristine Longo, RN CRRN

 Poster 8 Intermediate
Achieving Advanced Disease Specific Certification For Diabetes In A Rehabilitation Hospital
Karla Dwyer, MSN RN CRRN

 Poster 9 Intermediate
The Best Way Back: Promoting Functional Independence In The Rehabilitation Patient
Matt Maxwell, RN BSN

 Poster 10 Intermediate
What Does It Mean To Nurses When Institutionalized Older Stroke Patients Fall?

 Poster 11 Basic
Impact Of Simulation Within An Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Team
Sara Kurtz, RN MSN CRRN

 Poster 12 Intermediate
Decreasing Non-Ventilator Hospital Acquired Pneumonia
Anna Maria Cunningham, RN BSN

 Poster 13 Basic
Benefits Of A Multidisciplinary Wound Care Team In Inpatient Rehabilitation Setting
Sarah Lohman, MSN RN NEA-BC

 Poster 14 Basic
Development Of A Dialysis Suite In A Free-Standing Acute Care Rehabilitation Hospital
Andrea Small, CRRN

 Poster 15 Intermediate
Evidence Summary With Practice Recommendations For Improved Communication During Transitions In Patient Care Settings

 Poster 16 Intermediate
Future Considerations For Our Polytrauma Injured Servicemembers Of OIF/OEF/OND
Selina Doncevic, MSN RN CRRN

 Poster 17 Basic
Higher Level Of Care: An Interdisciplinary Team Approach In Achieving The Advanced Diabetes Disease Specific Certification
Dianna Morrow, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 18 Intermediate
Brain Attack!  How Rehab Nurses Prioritize Interventions To Support Safety
Chelsea Karpeh

 Poster 19 Basic
The Stroke Protocol:  RN-PCA Interventions To Prevent Falls And HAPUs
Susan Brindisi, Ed MS MA CHES CRRN

 Poster 20 Intermediate
Nursing Certification:  A Journey To Excellence
Mary Anne Euliarte, RN MSN MBA CRRN

 Poster 21 Basic
Staying Connected: Utilizing Smartphone Technology At The Bedside To Improve Interdisciplinary Communication And Patient Care
DeAnna Bennett, RN CRRN CBIS

 Poster 22 Basic
Best Practice In Stroke Rehabilitation
Deborah Stockdale, BAN RN CRRN CBIS

 Poster 23 Advanced
Stephanie Nagai, DNP RN CRRN

 Poster 24 Intermediate
Nursing Considerations During Inpatient Rehabilitation For Brainstem Stroke: Case Study
David Kushner, MD

 Poster 25 Basic
Professional Development: The Impact Of ARN On The Future Of Your Success
Wendy Wintersgill, MSN RN CRRN ACNS-BC

 Poster 26 Intermediate
Sleep Disordered Breathing As A Risk Factor In Stroke
Jill Taylor, RN CRRN

 Poster 27 Intermediate
Stroke & Pregnancy: The Hallmark Of Individualized Care, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, And Excellent Patient Outcomes
Wendy Wintersgill, MSN RN CRRN ACNS-BC

 Poster 28 Intermediate
Reducing Acute Care Transfers Of Stroke Patients In An Inpatient Rehabilitation Setting
Tara Mager, MSN RN CRRN

 Poster 29 Intermediate
Using Technology To Improve The Rehabilitation Pre-Admission Process
Jane Ho, BSN MPA RN CRRN; Naomi Chan, RN MSN

 Poster 30 Intermediate
Developing Flat Slings For Use In A Pediatric Hospital
Lyn Sapp, MN RN CRRN

 Poster 31 Intermediate
Implementation Of A Weak-Side Room Set-Up For Patients With Stroke To Improve Awareness Of The Affected Side
Reyni Contreras, RN BSN

 Poster 32 Advanced
Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Return To Independence
Kathleen Rupp, RN MSNL CRRN

 Poster 33 Basic
Leaders In The Making
Debra Bowling, RN BSN CRRN; LaKeithia Blake, BS RN CRRN

 Poster 34 Intermediate
Stroke Education Class 'Life Continues And Can Be Full Of Possibilities'
Tara Williams, RN MSN CRRN

 Poster 35 Intermediate
Improving Interdisciplinary Cohesiveness To Empower The Patient And The Rehabilitation Care Team While Improving Patient Satisfaction
Kim Wright, RN CRRN; Linda Weatherly, BSN MHA CRRN

 Poster 36 Intermediate
Simplifying CMS Appeals
Catherine Arnold, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 37 Advanced
Increasing Influenza Vaccination - Improving Patient Safety in a Rehabilitation Hospital
Janice Walker, RN CRRN BSN; Valerie Kohn, MS MSN RN

 Poster 38 Basic
A Multi-Step Process for Medication Reconciliation in the Post-Acute Care Setting
Joseph Catalano, RN CRRN BSN  COTA/Retired

 Poster 39 Intermediate
Opening An Inpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit Within A Children’s Hospital: From Needs Assessment Through Evaluation
Sharon Maley, BSN RN; Jessica Seich, BSN RN CPN

 Poster 41 Basic
Can Lean Six Sigma Be The Remedy For Healthcare Quality Improvement? Implementing A New Philosophy In Rehabilitation
Caroline Ornelas, BSN RN CRRN CBIS

 Poster 42 Intermediate
Bowel Program Management Of Spinal Cord Injury Patients
Joy Lohrbach, RN CRRN

 Poster 43 Intermediate
Drive Safely To The Finish:  Use Of A Stoplight Mobility Program
JoLee Coleman, MSN RN CRRN

 Poster 44 Intermediate
Transdisciplinary Evidence Based Practice Web-Based Database For Major Diagnostic Rehabilitation Categories
Margarite Wordell, RN CRRN

 Poster 45 Basic
Patient Ambassador Program: Leader Rounding At Its Best
Souzan Shahram, RN CRRN

 Poster 46 Basic
LOOK:  A New Approach To Wound Prevention And Documentation
Timothy Murphy, CNO

 Poster 47 Basic
Beware! The Monster Helps In Preventing Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLABSI)
Susan Fowler, PhD RN CNRN FAHA

 Poster 48 Basic
Restraint Documentation:  An Audit Tool
Bonita Gormly, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 49 Basic
Communicating Hemoglobin A1C Results
Shelley Shay, RN CRRN

 Poster 50 Basic
Using Data To Drive Decision Making Through A Shared Governance Leadership Model
Lisa Sincavage, BSN RN MHA CRRN

 Poster 51 Basic
The Merging Of Empathy And Comprehensive Rehabilitation Care:Creating Positive Patient Care Experiences
Karyn Kling, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 52 Basic
Multidisciplinary Evaluation Of Fall Risk In The Rehabilitation Population: An Evidence-Based Assessment
Laura Romig-Ellis, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 53 Basic
No Pass Zone
Katrica Draeger, RN CRRN

 Poster 54 Basic
Implementation Of Nursing Patient Safety Huddles During The Change Of Shift At Healthsouth Petersburg Virginia
Rachel Provau, RN MSNA

 Poster 55 Basic
Patient Safety Techniques: Facilitating Healing In The Traumatically Brain Injured Patient
Donna Montarone, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 56 Intermediate
Greater Outcomes and Increased Patient Satisfaction Through Development and Standardization Of A Total Joint Replacement Program
Kathleen Lee, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 57 Basic
The Use Of Sequential Compression Devices To Prevent Venous Thromboemolism
Natalie Landsberg, BSN CRRN

 Poster 58 Intermediate
Testing A Theoretical Model Of Attributed Dignity
Cynthia Jacelon, PhD RN-BC FAAN CRRN

 Poster 59 Intermediate
Raising The Bar On Nursing FIM® Score Documentation For Excellence In Patient Functional Outcomes
Lucia Benjamin, RN BSN MSHSA

 Poster 60 Advanced
Caregiving 101, A New Perspective
Carlene Baldosser, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 61 Intermediate
Predictors Of Symptom-Related Mobility Disability In Women With Ovarian Cancer
Grace Campbell, BSN MSW PhD CRRN

 Poster 63 Advanced
Test Before You Take-What Is Pharmacogenomics?
Lindsey Box-Rotger, RN CRRN

 Poster 65 Intermediate
The Wound Care Coordinator Connection: Enhancing Staff’s Knowledge Of Skin And Wound Assessment And Documentation
Susan Castor, MSN CRRN NE-BC

 Poster 66 Basic
Sex, Intimacy And Stroke
Heather Baako, MSN RN CRRN

 Poster 67 Advanced
Reduction Of Patient Falls In The Rehabilitation Setting:  A Case For Staff Engagement
Corinne Campbell-Romano, MSN RN CRRN

 Poster 68 Intermediate
Exploring The Integration Of Tele-ICU In An Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital
Marie Rankin, RN CRRN

 Poster 69 Basic
An Interdisciplinary Approach To Patient And Family Education-Paving The Way To A Successful Community Discharge
Wendy Milam, BSN MHA MBA

 Poster 70 Intermediate
Team Integration & Outcome Optimization Through Mirror Therapy
Lorinda Hymas, RN CRRN

 Poster 71 Advanced
Sustaining A Cauti Free Environment - A Team Effort
Elizabeth Lauder, BSN RN CRRN; Grace Oshinowa, RN MSN CRRN; Gail Sims, RN MSN CRRN

 Poster 72 Intermediate
Neurogenic Bowel Management In The Spinal Cord Injury Population; An Interdisciplinary Approach
Rebecca Franklin, RN CRRN

 Poster 73 Intermediate
Nurse Bedside Reporting
Sherry Herring, RN CRRN WCC

 Poster 74 Intermediate
No Pain…Yes Gain: Taking Pain Management To Heart
Arlene Dalisan, MS RN NEA-BC

 Poster 75 Basic
Improving Call Light Response Time: Increasing Patient Safety And Enhancing The Patient Experience
Christine Ratacik, RN BSN

 Poster 76 Intermediate
Impact Of  Multidisciplinary Wound Care Program On Patient Outcomes In Wound Healing
Evelyn Armstrong, MSN RN CRRN; Janet Shafer, BSN CWON

 Poster 77 Intermediate
The CRRN Role In Brain Injury Certification
Katricia Draeger, RN CRRN

 Poster 78 Basic
Utilizing A Root Cause Analysis In Decreasing Pressure Ulcer Prevalence In A Rehabilitation Hospital
Vickie Howsare, RN BSN CRRN

 Poster 79 Advanced
Fall Risk Assessment Specific To The Acute Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Hospital Setting: A Validation Study
Dan Thomas, MSN RN CRRN

 Poster 80 Basic
Purple Urine Bag Syndrome: An Awareness Initiative
Catherine Davis, BSN MPS RN CRRN

 Poster 81 Intermediate
Disease Specific Certification For The Amputee – What About The Contralateral Limb?
Amelia Monteagudo, RN BSN CRRN

 Poster 82 Basic
Patient Engagement Project (PEP) Celebrate Independence

 Poster 83 Intermediate
FIM: Nurses Putting The Pieces Together
April Lancaster, RN CRRN

 Poster 84 Basic
Interdisciplinary Team Huddle-Improving Patient Outcomes By Optimizing Communication Within The Interdisicplinary Team
Lisa Duncan, MSN/Ed CRRN

 Poster 85 Basic
Paving The Road To Excellence:  Promoting Certification In Rehabilitation
Stacey Wilbanks-Breedlove, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 86 Basic
Decreasing Transfers To Acute: Improving Patient Outcomes With The Use Of A3
Beverly Queen, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 87 Intermediate
The Magic Of A Safe Patient Handling Program: Keeping Patients And Healthcare Workers Safe!
 Megan Wood, RN BSN CRRN

 Poster 88 Intermediate
Effective Communication = Patient Safety: Developing A Structure For Multiple Daily Handoffs Between Nurses And Other Members Of The Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Team
Mary Markov, MSED RN

 Poster 89 Basic
Length Of Stay At Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility And Stroke Patient Outcomes
Michelle E Camicia, MSN RN CRRN

 Poster 90 Basic
Early Inpatient Rehabilitation Admission And Stroke Patient Outcomes
Michelle E Camicia, MSN RN CRRN

 Poster 91 Basic
Partnership With Patients To Achieve Safety Goals
Tanya Phillips, RN BSN MBA CRRN

 Poster 92 Intermediate
Establishing A SCI Bowel Management Program : An Interdisciplinary Approach
Lorillie Soleta, RN MSN CRRN

 Poster 93 Basic
No Pass Zone: Implementation Of A Hospital-Wide Approach To Fall Reduction
Immaculate Anyanwu, RN CRRN

 Poster 95 Intermediate
Does Primary Care Nursing Have An Effect On Patient Satisfaction?

 Poster 96 Advanced
Psychological And Spiritual Predictors Of Quality Of Life For Persons With Paraplegia
Darlene Finocchiaro, PhD RN CRRN

 Poster 97 Advanced
Long Term TBI Clients: How Rehab Nurses Effectively Advocate Throughout Acute Care And Post Acute Care To Back Home Again
Mary Ann Saveoz, BSN RN CRRN

 Poster 98 Basic
Cultural Transformation Through Staff Empowerment
Lou Ellen Stallworth, BSN RN CRRN; Amanda Price, BSN CPN CRRN

 Poster 99 Intermediate
Demystifying the Braden Scale Tool ; Reducing Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers
Augusta Ishola, RN MSN CRRN WCC

 Poster 100 Intermediate
The Calming Effects Of Pet Therapy In An Agitated Rehabilitation Inpatient: A Case Study
Augusta Ishola, RN MSN CRRN WCC

 Poster 101 Intermediate
What Is The Rehabilitation Nurses' Role In The Prevention Of Drug Overdose Related Deaths?
Sharon Dubs, CRRN

 Poster 102 Intermediate
The Role Of The Rehabilitation Nurse In Pain Management And Narcotic Education
Sharon Dubs, CRRN

 Poster 103 Basic
Improving The Patient Experience With Implementation Of Bedside Reporting
Annette Baar, RN BSN

 Poster 104 Intermediate
Spinal Cord Injury Home Care With Veterans, What Is It?
Patrice King, BSN RN CRRN