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ARN Advertising Package Opportunities

Career Center Job Posting/Print Advertising Package

Don't wait for that qualified job seeker to come looking for you!  Reach out to them by combining a standard job posting on the ARN Career Center with a print ad in either Rehabilitation Nursing Journal or ARN Network.

The Job Posting/Print Packages combine a 30-day or 60-day job posting with ¼ page B/W print ad in either:

Rehabilitation Nursing Journal (RNJ)* - Bi-monthly journal distributed to 6,500 members and subscribers of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses

ARN Network* - Bi-monthly newsletter distributed to 5,400 members of Association of Rehabilitation Nurses

Package Cost:   ¼ page with 30-day online posting $1000
                          ¼ page with 60-day online posting $1200

*  Click here for full media kit.

Banner Advertising
Career Center Job Posting/Banner Advertising Package

Really grab the job seekers attention with a banner ad placed on the Rehabilitation Nursing Journal (RNJ) section of ARN's Web site. Your organization and open position are highlighted in a full-size banner ad, offering high visibility to every visitor to the site.

Banner only:
1 month posting $800/month
3 month posting $700/month
12 month posting $500/month

Your open position will stand out from all the rest with this combination of premium placement banner ad  and a 30-day posting on the Career Center - an excellent and affordable way to attract that highly qualified candidates and receive the resumes you require.

Package Cost:              $1000/30-day posting

There will be an extra charge of $100/month for animated banner advertisements. Each banner advertisement can be hyper-linked to the advertiser's designated home page or Web site of choice.  The advertising company must supply all graphics.  Below are ad requirements:

 Banner ads can be no larger than 150px X 300px and 72px resolution.
 Accepted formats:.gif and .jpg. *. swf files (flash) available at additional charge.

Call today to learn more about ARN package options:
Chris Schroll, Senior Manager 
Association of Rehabilitation Nurses
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