Clinical Tools for Continence Care

In 2017, ARN member Christine Cave, DNP NP-C CRRN EP-C, along with the Continence Care Task Force, released bowel and bladder management tools for the entire disciplinary team. The interactive booklet and clinical algorithms will help your team apply best practices and problem-solve continence needs for all of your patients.

The Task Force, made up of key rehabilitation nurse leaders and specialists, developed Clinical Tools for Continence Care: An Evidence-Based Approach after a 10-year review on the topic of bowel and bladder management.

Each tool was designed to educate and train nurses to apply daily best practices to problem-solve continence needs. When used, you will institute a higher-quality care standard for nurses who implement strategies to establish continence. Included in the booklet are the following:

arn continence care bookFinancial Impact Tool—to support nurse managers and administrators seeking to establish a baseline estimate of costly unmanaged continence problems

Frequency Volume Chart—a 24-hour documentation tool, broken into 8-hour shifts and designed for the entire care team to use

Algorithm 1—General Assessment of Bladder

Algorithm 2—General Assessment of Bowel Function

Algorithm 3—Urinary Incontinence

Algorithm 4—Voiding Dysfunction

Algorithm 5—Constipation

Algorithm 6—Diarrhea and/or Fecal Incontinence

Each algorithm also has been re-created as an 11” x 17” poster. The poster set of clinical algorithms is available for purchase in the Bookstore.

Many nurses and teammates have been anticipating the release of these tools. Purchase your Continence Care Bundle today to solve your patients’ continence care challenges!

See algorithm and booklet creator Christine Cave’s REACH 2017 session—Evidence-Based Continence Care: Bowel and Bladder Management—coming soon, December 2017!

Key Continence Care References—will be available to ARN members soon at no cost!