Role Descriptions

The Rehabilitation Nurse Researcher

Scope of practice of the rehabilitation nurse researcher

The rehabilitation nurse researcher focuses on the activities within the research and quality improvement domain as described within the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses' Scope and Standards of Advanced Clinical Practice in Rehabilitation Nursing. The rehabilitation nurse researcher develops and maintains the knowledge base for nurses who care for individuals/families and groups with physical disability and chronic illness.

Rehabilitation nurse researcher

Identifies problems and health care issues within rehabilitation nursing in collaboration with rehabilitation nurses in practice, other researchers, health care professionals, clients with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses, and families.

Develops, coordinates, and conducts research to investigate pertinent problems and issues in rehabilitation nursing in collaboration with other nurse researchers, rehabilitation nurses, clients, statisticians, health economists, and/or consultants.

Acquires support for rehabilitation nursing research in terms of funding, personnel, equipment, measurement instruments, access to subjects, and necessary services.

Conducts rehabilitation nursing research following established institutional guidelines, review boards for human subject protection, and within guidelines for HIPAA.

Disseminates research findings through poster presentations, podium presentations, reports, peer-reviewed publications, and other formats of media.

Practitioner for evidence-based practice

Analyzes and synthesizes research to construct evidence-based practice pertinent to rehabilitation nursing.

Develops clinical interventions to support implementation of research into practice.

Evaluates the impact of research utilization on clinical practice.

Research reviewer

Serves as a reviewer for research proposal development and funding.

Serves as a member of the Institutional Review Board.

Serves as reviewer for completed studies to be shared by presentation, publication, or other media.


Serves as an educator/mentor for those who are beginning the research courses or research career.

Nursing leader

Acts as an agent of change within the organization, the profession, and the community in utilization of rehabilitation nursing research.

The Association of Rehabilitation Nurses' Researcher Special Interest Group developed this role description.


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