About CRRN

The Importance of Certification

Attaining CRRN certification validates your professional standing as an experienced rehabilitation nurse with a documented level of knowledge in this specialized area of practice. Rehabilitation nursing practice includes care management and treatment of conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, aging issues, MS, diabetes, co-morbidities, cardiovascular illness, arthritis, and spinal cord injury.

It sets you apart professionally from your colleagues that are not certified by demonstrating you have achieved a symbol of professional development and recognition


  • Employers value the competitive edge and assurance of quality that certified nurses’ bring to the their institutions 
  • Certified nurses’ can boost patient patients confidence in their caregivers and offer reassurance at a time when patients need it most.

The CRRN Credential Validates All Rehabilitation Nursing Specialties

There are many specialties that offer credentials and certifications that may apply to aspects of rehabilitation nursing practice. However, only one certification applies to them all.  Nurses who achieve the Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse credential demonstrate knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence in comprehensive care for people with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses in all specialties and settings of rehabilitation.  The CRRN credential has been a widely accepted and trusted nursing certification for more than 30 years.

Experienced and Knowledgeable

aboutcrrnThe CRRN credential requires nurses to have experience in rehabilitation nursing and pass an exam validating a documented level of knowledge of rehabilitation nursing practice.  This exam covers the scope of rehabilitation nursing practice including 

Rehabilitation Nursing Models and Theories
Functional Health Patterns: theories, physiology, assessment, standards of care, and interventions in individuals with injury, chronic illness, and disability across the lifespan
The Function of the Rehabilitation Team and Community Re-entry
Legislative, Economic, Ethical, and Legal Issues

VA Benefit

CRRN certification has been approved by the Department of Veterans' Affairs as an educational benefit for military personnel. If you are eligible, this benefit allows for reimbursement of certification fees.

CRRN Statistics

Year Total # of candidates # of passing candidates # of failing candidates # of CRRNs renewing
2013 1453 1094 359 1392
2014 1607 1216 391 1464
2015 1591 1226 365 1698
2016 1574 1282 292 1751
2017 1309 965 344