CRRN Applications

Take the next step towards meeting your professional goals by earning or maintaining your CRRN certification. Here you will find the CRRN examination application, CRRN renewal application, inactive or retired status applications, as well as alternate verification procedures.


Candidates have the option of using a paper-based application or applying online. Beginning in 2017, only online applications will be available. There is an addtional fee if using the paper application.

Apply online - enter discount code DEC2016WEB to receive a $15 discount off the examination fee. Only one discount code may be applied to an application. Candidates are STRONGLY encouraged to review the candidate handbook for online applications as this document contains the policies and procedures for the examination.

2016 examination application (paper)


CRRNs have the option of using a paper-based application or applying for renewal online. There is a higher fee if using the paper-based application.

Renew online

2016 renewal application (December)

Inactive and Retired statusCRRN applications

Inactive status application

Retired status application

Alternative verification

Alternative verification policy and procedure (exam)

Alternative verificaiton policy and procedure (renewal)