Points of Credit Requirements

To renew your CRRN credential by points of credit, you must submit at least 60 points of credit that meet the established criteria. Points may be earned in any of the areas outlined below.

Renewing CRRNs are required to validate that the content or topic of each professional development activity is related to rehabilitation nursing by identifying the corresponding domain. The domains are:

    1. Rehabilitation nursing models and theories
    2. Functional health patterns: Theories, physiology, assessment, standards of care, and interventions
    3. The rehabilitation team and community re-entry
    4. Legislative, economic, ethical and legal issues

These domains are based on the content outline for the CRRN examination and cover the scope of rehabilitation nursing.

Continuing Education2people right200

One contact hour (60 minutes) is equal to 1 point of credit. Of the continuing education points, two-thirds must be approved by a national or state nursing organization for nursing contact hours. All contact hours must be related to rehabilitation nursing practice. Up to 60 points of credit will be accepted in this category.

presenter left150Presentation of Rehabilitation Nursing Content to Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

One contact hour (60 minutes) of presentation is equal to 1 point of credit. The presentation must be delivered within a structured framework of teaching and learning for which national or state nursing organization– approved contact hours have been awarded. A maximum of 12 points will be accepted in this category.

Academic Coursework

Academic coursework is defined as work for which one receives academic credit at the graduate or undergraduate level that is related to rehabilitation nursing. One credit hour is worth 4 points of credit (e.g., a 3-credit-hour course is worth 12 points). A maximum of 48 points will be accepted in this category.

Professional PublicationRNJ150

Professional publication refers to publication or acceptance of an original rehabilitation nursing related journal manuscript in a professional journal or as a chapter in a text for healthcare professionals. Your name must be published as an author to qualify. One publication is worth 12 points of credit. A maximum of 36 points will be accepted in this category.

Community Service

Community service includes volunteer activities in which you participate that are intended to educate the public, improve the quality of life for physically disabled or chronically ill people, or improve the practice of professional rehabilitation nursing. A maximum of 10 points will be accepted. You may not receive credit for activities for which you receive payment for your services in excess of $75 or for activities that are considered part of your employment.
The following are acceptable activities and their point values:

  • Publication of an article or chapter text: Publication of an article or chapter text on a healthcare related topic in a general interest or consumer publication. Each original manuscript will be awarded 2 points.
  • Volunteer leadership in a healthcare organization: Leadership in a volunteer capacity of a local, state, regional, national, or international professional healthcare organization. To qualify, you must have served as an officer or board member for at least 1 year. Each leadership activity will be awarded 1 point. If serving a multi-year term, you may not receive credit for each year served.
  •  Presentation: Presentation of a healthcare-related topic to a public audience in a formal setting. Each original presentation will be awarded 1 point.
  • Review board participation: Serving in a formally appointed capacity to review the original work of others as a content expert, such as on an editorial board, research or program grant application review committee, continuing education approval unit review panel, or abstract review committee for a term of 1 year, will be awarded 2 points.

There is no process for preapproval, and it is not necessary. Please do not send any documentation to the board before it is time to renew. If you wish to renew by exam, please call our office to request an exam application.