Professional Resources

Caring for Older Patients in Rehabilitation Nursing

ARN provides the following resources for nurses working with older adults.

General Resources
Role Description: The Gerontological Rehabilitation Nurse
ARN Endorses the Global Vision Statement on Care of Older Adults

Gerontology Update Series
The following articles originally appeared in various issues of the ARN Network newsletter.

Confusion in Older Adults: Determining the Difference Between Dementia and Delirium
A Review of Cardiovascular Changes in the Older Adult
Myths of Aging
Nutrition: Meeting the Needs of the Elderly
Older Adults in Rehabilitation
Our Aging Society
Polypharmacy and Aging: Is There Cause for Concern?
Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management
Preventing Falls in Older Adults
Recognizing Depression in the Older Adult
Restraints and Alternatives
You Never Know (Intimacy and Sexuality)
Rules of the Road for Using Walkers

Conference Recording
Originally presented October 2006.
I'm Just Too Old for this Stuff: Aging, Chronic Illness and Disability
A review of physiological and psychological changes present as we age.

Educational Resources
Professional Rehabilitation Nursing Course
The PRN Online Course is designed for nurses new to rehabilitation nursing or who may float to rehabilitation units and focuses on care that is critical to the geriatric population. In addition to a full chapter on "Rehabilitation of the Older Adult", other topics include functional assessment, rehabilitation across the continuum of care, safety, stroke, and skin integrity.

Restorative Nursing: A Training Guide for Nursing Assistants
This dynamic resource can be used as an interactive training tool for all nursing assistants, restorative nursing assistants, and rehabilitation nursing aides. The manual provides basic training on the principles of restorative nursing and information to aid instructors who teach restorative nursing.

Additional Resources
ConsultGeriRN is the evidence-based geriatric clinical nursing website of The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, at New York University's College of Nursing and NICHE, Nurses Improving Care for HealthSystem Elders, a program of the Hartford Institute.