ARN Professional Resources

ARN can help you document basic rehabilitation nursing competencies, connect with your nursing peers through the rehabnurse-L email discussion list, demonstrate your professional commitment through certification, and support your higher education through scholarships. Check out the resources below for more information on these valuable programs.

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ARN-CAT is a tool designed for Nurse Managers, Administrators, Educators, or Case Managers, who need a simple way to evaluate staff competency in the basic areas of rehabilitation nursing.

Practice Guidelines

The RNF Practice Guidelines for the Management of Constipation in Adults address an unmet need for nurses, physicians, and dietitians in rehabilitation, long-term care, and in home health, ambulatory, and community settings. Developed by an interdisciplinary group, the guidelines can be used to guide decision-making as to the assessment and treatment of constipation in adults.

Also available are the ARN/AANN joint practice guidelines for the care of patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Multiple Sclerosis.

Caring for Older Patients in Rehabilitation Nursing

Helpful resources can be found here for those rehabilitation nurses caring for older adults.


Learn what you need to know to pursue the CRRN certification.

E-mail Discussion Group

ARN offers an exciting online tool for networking with your colleagues in rehabilitation and restorative nursing: rehabnurse-L listserv.

Patient Education (M)

ARN One-Click Patient Education Resources offer help information on such common issues as issues association with brain injury, bladder and bowel care.


Related Sites

This comprehensive listing of websites corresponds to sections in ARN's core curriculum, The Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing and is designed to help rehabilitation nurses in their practice.

Role Descriptions

The Association of Rehabilitation Nurses' Special Interest Groups have developed the following to educate current and potential employers, patients, and others about the various roles of rehabilitation nurses, and the skills they bring to all settings across the continuum of care. All descriptions are also available as printed brochures for distribution at chapter meetings, courses, and other educational events.

Nonmembers can view the html version of the Role Description brochures by clicking on the respective title. Members can download copies of the pdfs in the Members Only section of the ARN Web site.


Safe Patient Handling Tool Kit (M)

This tool kit can be used by any member of a rehabilitation interdisciplinary team to implement a safe patient handling program in a rehabilitation setting.

Scholarships (M)

ARN offers scholarship opportunities for rehabilitation nurses to purse continuing education.


VA and Military Nurses

Rehabilitation nurses who work within the military and the Veterans Administration (VA) healthcare system are often confronted with a unique set of challenges helping wounded warriors return to active duty or re-establish their lives at home.  This resource was created to point VA and Military nurses to all the ARN resources most useful to their practice.

(M) Members Only access